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A dentist in Canada caused my bite to collapse because he was not skilled enough to deal with occlusion (which means that he could not adjust his materials properly so that my teeth came together properly). My bottom front teeth were smashing the backs of my upper teeth and utterly destroying them! I went in search of a prosthodontist, which is a dentist with about three years more training than a normal dentist. I needed an expert who could build my teeth back up so that my front teeth would be saved. I could not find anyone in Canada or the US who could do the work in a reasonable time frame; and, their prices were far too high! On the internet I checked in Mexico and Costa Rica. I was leaning towards Costa Rica because I had previously lived there.

I did contact three prosthodontists in Mexico but I found them to be rude and I did not trust them regarding materials. I corresponded with three prosthodontists in Costa Rica and decided to fly down to see one of them. It turned out that he had lied about something he had said in an email, so, I tried one of the other dentists instead. That did not work out either and the third guy was newly trained and he told me that he was not confident that he could restore my bite. I obtained a list of prosthodontists in Costa Rica and began to contact all of them by phone or email. Some speak English and some do not. I speak some Spanish but not enough to thoroughly discuss dental procedures and feel comfortable.

I went to a fourth prosthodontist but his hands were shaking and there was no way that I was going to let him into my mouth. Then I went to a fifth prosthodontist but he was getting old and told me that the job was too large and difficult. Finally, I contacted Dr. Leiva who was the last prosthodontist that I was willing to try. Well, too bad I did not find him right away!

Dr. Leiva speaks pretty good English and that made me comfortable. He is extremely patient and easy to talk to. We discussed my situation in detail and we agreed on the work to be performed. I had to have some crowns and porcelain onlays replaced, and then some additional porcelain onlays done in order to raise my bite. I want to also mention that Dr. Levia uses more than one dental lab and subsequently he has a good variety of materials available so that he can satisfy each patient's desires and needs. That was important to me because I am sensitive to most dental materials and I needed something very biocompatible.

Dr. Leiva was able to do all of the work in a far shorter time period as compared to a prosthodontist in Canada or the US.

Dr. Leiva adjusted the restorations and checked everything at the end again to make sure that my bite was PERFECT!!! It felt great to get the pressure off of my front teeth.

Dr. Leiva does everything that a normal dentist does but he also has the ability to help with difficult situations.

I also want to state that Dr. Leiva is working out of a newly constructed office that is part of one of his labs. It is very modern, clean, and safe and you will be comfortable there. Also, the secretary and some other staff members speak English.

Finally, I want to state that I found two dentists in Costa Rica who promoted themselves as having credentials that they did not have! One guy claims to be a prosthodontist but only has a degree as a standard dentist! Another claims to have been trained at the Pankey Institute in the US but I contacted Pankey and they never knew him! Dr. Leiva has legitimate degrees and he teaches post grad prosthodontics at the University of Costa Rica.

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