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Lilian Longza's Testimonial after her Sucessful Breast Reduction Surgery From Dr. Karthik

Lilian Longza's Testimonial after her Sucessful Breast Reduction Surgery

“When I came to India, I did not expect the kind of welcome I received. The entire team treated me well. All the doctors that worked on me have been so friendly. They made a lot of effort to make me comfortable. The facility here is good. In fact, I would like to say it is very good. They clean a lot sometimes even twice. they are very prompt. The best of all is when I met Dr. Karthik. I had the impression of an old person because of all the mail we had exchanged. Instead I saw a young one with a lot of experience. I was amazed at his performance. I was thrilled with what he can do.

Today, I can introduce him to the whole world. Initially, I was afraid, he told me you have nothing to worry about. I really took him by his word and he kept his word. I felt very secure that all my doubts were cleared. He made me feel he was just always there for me. He made me feel good, and he changed me completely. I never knew I could get the results I’ve got. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give him a 10, honestly! Everything. If you would say ‘Don’t be too generous’ Ok. I would give a 9 on 10. I assumed I would be happy with India, but I never knew it could be this much. They exceeded my expectations. In fact, one of my friends has huge breasts. I’ve already told her that when she sees me she will make her appointment.

I am a very, very happy and satisfied patient.” Lilian Longza, Nigeria, had come to Chennai Plastic Surgery for a breast reduction.

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