Testimonial of Patient with Diabetes in Tijuana, Mexico

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Diabetes Treatment

"I have had 3 treatments now, May 2010, well I am so excited that I feel great I just walked up a steep hill yesterday and I was not out of breath, It feels like my lungs and throat (no Flem) are stronger, like from the inside out I feel better, more focused. No ache and pains I move much faster, like when I was 30yrs old.

My diabetes is gone my blood work showed just before the 3rd treatment I was almost in normal range 1 number away, and way in control.

My Dr.s in Colorado wanted to put me on Drugs and take out my gallbladder, and put me on insulin. I told them no I am doing Stem Cells and no exercise of course eating a little better.

My eye site came back, (as I was loosing my eye site), my levels came down from (AIC 10.2 down to 6.62 and my glucose came down from 287 to 114 on my last test.

4 treatments now 02/2011
1. My eye site came back,( as I was loosing my eye site) after the 4th treatment maybe 1 month my eye site stayed solid and focused.

2. Also, I have been noticing that my lungs feel strong and I have been scuba diving for 17 yrs now and the last 10 yrs my ears always got water in my ears and I couldn't dive, my ears would hurt.

3. I just dove 6 times in a row and noticed that my ears are like they were 17yrs ago, no water and clear. I know that it is not much for you but for me I am happy. I thought my age was going to prevent me from diving anymore.

4. Also, when I breathe I feel strong in my breath and deeper breath, no coughing. No Bronchitis, or allegories.

5. My bladder is much stronger and I do not have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. (I used to get up maybe 2 to 3 times)

6. My sinuous is clear and no stuffy nose at all 100% clear and I have to say I would never have gone this long with out stuffy nose and some cold, especially traveling to different climates and states and countries. I have been to San Diego, Arizona, Mexico in a short time and back to Colorado.

Note, Each treatment better, this was not all at once, take note of everything you are feeling now and write it down and then see after your treatments, keep writing these things down, because you get used to small changes that add up.

I was getting used to everything breaking down without really noticing and just excepting my age. Everything is much better like healing from the inside out."

Mary K.

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