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Center Name :Dr. Toncic Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Location :Mlinovi 159 a 10 000
Zagreb, Croatia
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Rhinoplasty in Croatia

My name is Alex (Male) and I went to Croatia on the 17th March 2003 - 26th March 2003 to have a rhinoplasty operation. I live in Essex and this was my first cosmetic surgery.

This is a map of Croatia and the surrounding areas. The surgery is in Zagreb the capital. Zagreb is a very nice place not disimilar to London I thought. (I haven't been to London many times though) The main difference is less people maybe about half the amount of London. The part I stayed in was very clean and pretty about 20 - 30 minutes from the center. I was lucky there was very good weather but in the Winter months I was told it can be quite cold. One more thing the TV is quite often in English, not all but often a film will come on and it will be English with subtitles and some series are also in English.

Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon
I looked at a lot of web sites and phoned a couple them before getting in touch with Dr. Toncic. The general response to my query was go to your local doctor first then have a consultation with a private Doctor. When I asked how much this would cost the replies were between about £150 to £250 just for a talk which was quite a shock to me. I realised I probably could not afford it. When Dr. Toncic replied to my e-mail and said that there would be no consultation fee it lifted my confidence conciderably.

Staying in Croatia
This was made very easy, I was offered a room at one of the nurses and it was all arranged by the doctor before I arrivied. This included all meals and the people were very kind, helpfully and knew what to expect with the operation. I would recommend staying with them if offered but there are also hotels. I stayed for 9 days for recovery.

Dr. Toncic is very helpful, understanding and expierenced so when I told what I would like done with my nose he understood straight away and explained how he could proceed with the cosmetic operation. The operation went perfectly it was very quick and painless after the operation I was taken back to my room and I rested the day there. No problems at all.

I do not speak Croatian but many people in Croatia speak English. It is taught in school and is use for films and some TV. I would recommend learning some before you go though.

  • Good day – Dobar dan
  • Hi & bye – Bok
  • Good night – Laku noc
  • Please – Molim
  • Thank you – Hvala
  • Sorry – Oprostite

That's a couple but there are lots of language sites on the internet so just search for Croatian Language.

I recommend Dr. Toncic and am very happy with everything he's done for me below are before and after pictures taken (before) at the airport and a few days after I got back from Croatia.

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Focus Area

  • Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Croatia,

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