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Live Cell for Cerebral Palsy in China Testimonial

Live Cell Therapy for Cerebral Palsy in China

Live Cell Therapy for Cerebral Palsy in Beijing, China

Patient Testimonial


Mary, aged 3, from Germany, underwent successful stem cell therapy, traditional Chinese medicine and supportive treatment for cerebral palsy at the ReLife International Medical Center in China. After her safely return home, PlacidWay contacted Mary’s mother for more information about the procedure, the clinic and his medical experience abroad.

 PlacidWay: Please describe your little girl’s condition when you contacted us?

Mary’s mother: My girl was diagnosed with bilateral spastic cerebral palsy. I’ll try to paint you a clearer picture: she had hip subluxation on both sides and clubfoot.

PlacidWay: Did the doctor who diagnosed you tell you what the cause for her cerebral palsy was?

Mary’s mother: She was born prematurely, and because of this she was diagnosed with this condition. She couldn’t even stand up-right in her crib.

PlacidWay: How did you find out about PlacidWay?

Mary’s mother: I discovered your site after a friend of mine introduced me to a support group for parents with children with the same condition. I went online and did a little research on the treatment offers you had on there. And I found the ReLife International Medical Center in China. They offered a therapy using live cells combined with traditional Chinese medicine.

ReLife International Medical Center, Live Cell Therapy China

PlacidWay: Could you offer more details on what did the treatment at ReLife International Medical Center consist of?

Mary’s mother: The 21 day treatment plan was made up of Mesenchymal Stem Cell therapy, acupuncture, moxibustion, Chinese massage, Chinese herbal soup) and supportive treatment.

PlacidWay: Did the treatment work?

Mary’s mother: Oh God, yes! After the treatment was completed, we could already see her condition improve. She can stand for a while leaning on something, can sit more straight than before. Her clubfoot is almost corrected, it became flat, and can touch the earth and can even walk, assisted.

PlacidWay: So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied were you by our services and the services of the clinic?

Mary’s mother: 10! Undoubtedly 10! Everybody was very nice to us over there, and made her feel safe and well taken care of. And you guys are doing a smashing good job!


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