Testimonial from Wendy after Dental Care in Tijuana Mexico

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Patient Testimonial – Holistic Dental Treatment in Mexico

Watch Testimonial from Wendy after Receiving Holistic Dental Treatment in Tijuana Mexico

Watch patient testimonial after Holistic Dental Treatment in Tijuana Mexico by American Biodental. Book your appointment for Regenerative Therapy at PlacidWay. Check Wendy full story below:

"My name is Wendy Glasgow and I live in another part of Mexico not in Tijuana and I got here briefly I heard about the american biological dental clinic from some people in highly skilled chapala where i live i was not well for a year or two and i kept getting worse and the doctors didn't know what was wrong other than feeding me lots of antibiotics and [Music] finally doctor number six said well maybe he had a brain tumor or an aneurysm so I said okay let's go for the ear Murad and with the MRI what it actually showed it was two implants that I had had done were entering they were both in my sinuses."

"So the doctor who had put them in I requested to have them taken out and they didn't want to do any of that I had to find an area that somebody would be prepared to take it out and know how to prepare the whole area once you do take it out I also had three root canals at the same time so in actuality I was all swollen in the head and the doctors kept thinking it was a sinus infection which I would think after 48 days of antibiotics sinus infection might have gone away so I came here and I took a chance I've met two women who said they have been here for other reasons and that they were quite satisfied."

"I'm very happy that I have my life back and I'm very grateful for the american biological dental clinic you."

Benefits of Dental Care in Tijuana Mexico by American Biodental

  • Optimizes your immune system
  • Encourages optimal improvement and health
  • Patients receive minimally invasive treatments
  • Holistic dentistry benefits your overall health
  • Top holistic dental treatment clinic in Mexico with 21 years of experience.

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