Alejandro Aguirre-Wallace, Ensenada, Mexico

Center Name :Alejandro Aguirre-Wallace

Location :Avenida Obregon #1094, esquina con calle 11
Ensenada, Mexico
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I just wanted to drop you a very quick line and say THANK-YOU!!!

I know you have had many patients since I have been there. My name is Merry Kroeger. My husband and I were Dr. Alejandro Aguirre Wallace's Clinic on July 26th of 2009 for my surgery. Everything has been perfect. very little scaring... tanned out you know.... I have went from a dress size of 20/22 to a size 2 in my jeans.... I feel great... have great energy.... In fact my daughter and law and I repainted a 10,000 sq foot church by ourselves in 1 1/2 months around our other duties.....  I can truly say I have no regrets getting the surgery and am eternity grateful for your help..... It feels so great to be free from a lifestyle and and body that kept me in bondage.... Thanks for your advice and your warnings...

There is only two decisions I have made that I am more grateful for.... 2nd   my husband..... but 1st is asking Jesus in my heart as my Lord and my Savior... These were life changing... and asking the Lord Jesus to be a part of my life and no moments of sadness or regrets... I pray 1 day you too will experience this happiness and freedom.... it truly is the greatest things I could hope for one who has help me so much.... I mean it when I say  "May God bless you... and reveal His most wonderful Love and plan unto you.

Merry Kroeger

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