Alternative Therapies in Thessaloniki, Greece Patient Testimonial

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Aternative Therapies in Thessaloniki, Greece  Patient Testimonial

Alternative Therapies in Thessaloniki, Greece

Patient Testimonial

Mrs. Carine's path led her to what she became today: a helpful, sensitive person. She is bridging & combining conventional with complementary medicine in a holistic way for more than 30 years.

Clients come to her because they need support in their personal blockage in health.They choose to receive a PERSONAL and HUMAN approach for body, mind and spirit. They value her because they are really touched in-depth for changes in their lives that occurred.

With  Ms. Carine Vloemans they can be who they really are for a moment, and relax with that. The way she works with her client depends on the client and his/her particular blockage.

Mrs. Carine is an amazing professional and person. It took only one appointment to completely trust her and her talent. I highly recommend her no matter what your condition is.

Patient: Mrs. C.L.

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