Alternative Medicine in Thessaloniki Greece Patient Testimonial

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Alternative Medicine in Thessaloniki Greece  Patient Testimonial


Alternative Medicine in Thessaloniki Greece

Patient Testimonial

I know Carine Vloemans as a curious and true compassionated woman.

What I love about her is that she has a sincere interest for you and helps you whenever and with whatever she can. And with humor! She makes healing sessions light-hearted. I always go away smiling! Carine’s insights as a healer are very clear and deep.

I feel the effects of the healing immediately. Whether I am at home when I receive a healing, or when I am in her practice. The impact is completely the same. It feels safe and natural. Me and my body feel much lighter, clearer and happier.

I can notice that another passion of Carine is to teach people. Even in session she always shares information and tips on how to do things yourself. She is always looking for ways to improve her skills and to open doors to new opportunities. She shares the information easily, so I can benefit too. She inspires me every time!

Patient: Mrs. Y.B.

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