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Smile Hair Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey Reviews from Real Patients

Tatlisu, Alptekin Cd. No:15, 34774 Ümraniye/Istanbul
Price range:: $2400 to $3600
Focus Area: Smile Hair Clinic | Istanbul | Turkey | Hair Transplantation

About Smile Hair Clinic

Welcome to Smile Hair Clinic. We offer all forms of Hair Transplantation Treatment, putting our customers first and at the forefront of medical excellence at all times. Follow the True Transformation!

Hair Transplantation Reviews in Istanbul, Turkey at Smile Hair Clinic

  • Jonathan

    I love the whole procedure. it was seamless and easy. every staff made me comfortable during the prep, surgery, and the post op. it was nice, there was a break in the middle to let us breathe and see other patients that make us more calm and trusting. the wash day was delightful. the feeling of the staff taking off the bandages and seeing it for the first time was satisfying. i will definitely tell my friends and family to go do their hair there. in fact there’s two already that wanted and convinced on going. they just wanted to setup their schedule at work vacation.

    Google Sep 23 2022
  • kapou

    My brother had his operation at Smile Hair clinic 4 months ago and was very satisfied so he recommended it to me. Communication was clear from the beginning. Details about transport and accommodation were included. The operation was smooth as well. You do take a break in the middle. Pain wise there was not much pain except for the anaesthetic shots but only for a short period afterwards you dont feel anything. The doctor and his team were very professional and they took good care of me. Received an after operation care kit and guide for recovery and tips for the following months. Followed their instructions and recovery was has been fine. Cant wait for the final results. Patience is key now. I am glad with my choice.Thanks Smile Hair!!

    Google Oct 07 2022
  • Omar

    I finally had my procedure here a few weeks ago, and I’m glad I did it at Smile Hair Clinic! It was a great experience from the beginning until the drop off at the airport. Extremely professional, organized and highly skilled staff. The entire procedure went seamlessly and in shorter time than expected. Thanks to everyone at the clinic who made my journey a pleasant one. Now I’m patiently waiting for the results ;

    Google Sep 08 2022
  • Oliver

    I did thorough research to find a good clinic in Turkey and came across Smile. The positive reviews and interactions with Smile before travelling gave me confidence that they were suitable and offered a very reasonable price. Subsequently, I have to say at every point during the experience they exceeded the expectations I had and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone. They are extremely professional and offer a high level of care during and after the operation. Staff are lovely and the facility is extremely clean and modern.

    Google Aug 04 2022
  • Andrew

    This is something I have been wanting to do for many years and engaging with Smile Hair Clinic finally gave me the confidence to move forward. I have been really delighted by their service, so I thought I would write a review as I approach day-10 post surgery.

    Smile Hair Clinic is a very professional and highly efficient organization. Their entire staff is super courteous and treat you very well. They pay meticulous attention to details throughout your journey from transportation, lodging, surgery and post follow up and will make you feel at complete ease while you go through the process. Currently I am noticing good results typically associated with a 10 day growth spurt, but can report back once I achieve full results.

    I highly recommend Smile Hair Clinic for your hair restoration needs. It would be hard to match their excellence, so if you have been thinking about one, this is the place to go

    Google Jul 29 2022

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