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Net Goz Eye Surgery Clinic Reviews in Izmir, Turkey

Caher Dudayev Blv. No: 67 Karsiyaka IZMIR - TURKEY Izmir
Price range:: $1000 to $1450
Focus Area: Ophthalmology, Laser Eye Surgery, Cataract, IOL Lens, Smile, ReLEx Smile, Lasik, Lasek, Femtolasik, NoTouch, PRK

About Net Goz Eye Surgery Clinic

Net Goz eye Surgery Clinic is based in Izmir, Turkey, offering 3rd generation laser eye surgeries. Some of the top procedures include excimer laser, relex smile, presbyond, lasik, femtolasik, prk lasek, transprk (no touch), and wavefront/ idesign/ topo-guided.

Eye/Lasik Care Reviews in Izmir, Turkey

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