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Dr. Randy Martin, ONMD in Santa Monica, United States Reviews from Real Patients

1444 South Carmelina Ave (SE corner of South Carmelina Ave. and Santa Monica Blvd.)
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About Dr. Randy Martin, ONMD

Dr. Randy Martin ONMD in Santa Monica, USA provides excellent oriental healing and acupuncture treatment to the patients. You can also get the best of holistic treatment solutions such as herbal medicine, homeopathy medicine and more.

Alternative Medicine Reviews in Santa Monica, United States at Dr. Randy Martin, ONMD

  • Dan

    The most relaxed I have ever felt was after an acupuncture treatment from Dr. Martin.

    Google Apr 15 2020
  • Lillianna

    I have had 3 treatments with Dr. Randy and I have loved every session. I suffered from trauma on the base of my spine. Sitting down was challenging. After 3 treatments, the pain is gone! I was so relieved to sit and actually feel what it’s like to sit with no pain! I felt brand new. Thanks Dr.!

    Google Mar 02 2021
  • Thelma

    I trust Dr. Randy Martin with anything and everything going on with me. He helped my mom with several things back when I was a kid and I would sit and watch her treatments. About 5 years ago, I am 24 now. I had a bladder issue that Urologists would say everything looks fine, just take these prescription meds for the rest of your life for the pain and discomfort. I refused, since I was so young and didnt want to put a band aid on my issue, I wanted to fully fix it. I had this pain for 1.5 years, until my mom suggested I see Randy. Between a mixture of acupuncture, chinese herbs and homeopathic, my bladder issue completely went away after only about 2 months and has not returned since. I now choose to see Randy for all my issues large or small. Recently I asked him to help me with my acne. I used to break out a lot and after 1 week of his recommendations, I have the clearest skin I have ever had. Dr. Martin is incredible at what he does, he knows so much about holistic healing and really cares to get his patients better.

    Google Mar 11 2021