Medical Center of Yuriy Spizhenko in Kyiv, Ukraine Reviews from Real Patients

Medical Center of Yuriy Spizhenko in Kyiv, Ukraine Reviews from Real Patients

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08112 Kapitanovka,Soborna str.21 Ukraine, Kiev region, Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district Kyiv
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About Medical Center of Yuriy Spizhenko

Medical Center of Yuriy Spizhenko is highly competent clinic for cancer treatment. Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, the clinic contributes towards maintenainng highest level of quality to provide advanced treatment approaches for critical cancer conditions.

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Cancer Treatment Reviews in Kyiv, Ukraine at Medical Center of Yuriy Spizhenko

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    Nice administrator, knowledgeable doctors

    Google Aug 07 2021
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    Yesterday I went with my wife for an MRI. Neat clinic, friendly staff. We waited for the recording in the lobby, warned that the delay was 10 minutes. We waited a little longer. Overall satisfied

    Google Mar 04 2022
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    Unfortunately, in our time there are many cancers, when they invent a cure for this terrible disease. And so in this clinic only delay time of death, and what doctors have to do.

    Google Mar 16 2022
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    I want to share the history of cooperation with Spizhenko Clinic.
    My mother (71 years old) lives in the Chernihiv region. Is overweight, high blood pressure for many years. There was a microstroke.
    The problem in the lungs was found by chance during a routine examination. Special thanks to the tuberculosis doctor of Sosnytsia Hospital. Which I was able to see, having very old equipment, as I understand it.
    Suspicions were confirmed at the CT in Chernihiv region. Conclusion: three-dimensional formation of size 37 * 25 * 23mm.
    We decided to solve this problem at the Spizhenko Clinic because we hoped for cyber knife technology. And the choice in favor of a private clinic is associated with the presence of a price. In the state everything is abstract and incomprehensible. There is no limit to perfection. They had experience of their own and friends before. This time I sought additional advice from, as they say, one of the best thoracic surgeons. After the consultation, she asked how much I was guilty of. He replied that in my opinion. Seeing the bill, I noticed that I have to double))). Guessing, evaluating is not mine. You are counting on something - voice acting. And the manner of communication was quite specific. This specificity may influence the patient decision to continue treatment.
    Spizhenko clinic was also preferred. Although I have some comments on the work of the reception and the coordinator. There is a problem with the completeness and consistency of information. You need to guess and clarify. It looks kind of unprofessional. But direct communication with doctors saves the situation).
    Biopsy result: lung adenocarcinoma with lining growth type.
    According to research, this was the initial stage and as if without complications. My mother did not feel any discomfort. She was not worried about this diagnosis. But this is an unpredictable process. And if you have such an opportunity, you should get rid of the problem as soon as possible. The most insidious thing in this process is that there is no awareness of the disease until there are no symptoms, and when there are - it may be too late.
    The operation took place on January 26, 22nd. About 2.5 months from suspicion.
    We are satisfied with the result so far. Hopefully, the problem was localized in time.
    Operating thoracic surgeon: Lutser Oleg Alexandrovich. His mother saw and talked to him. I am not. He comes for surgery. But, in my unprofessional opinion, what I see is 5 out of 5). And we hope that everything will be fine.
    Physician-surgeon oncologist: Kovalchuk Maxim Vasilyevich. He led his mother from the beginning. We talked to him the most. We liked the doctor. Calm, balanced, attentive, easy to communicate. He told how everything will happen, warned about possible complications, but they are not observed.
    Anesthesia was without cartoons . Somehow suddenly turned off - turned on )
    My mother said that there were many doctors at the operation). So thank you all!
    When she was transferred from the intensive care unit to the ward and she called me, her voice and mood did not look like postoperative at all. There were no difficulties with breathing.
    Visiting was forbidden due to the epidemic situation, so my mother was completely under the supervision of doctors and medical staff.
    I want to say from my mother and our whole family: Thank you! All those who directly participated in the operation and who cared for, cared for, supported in the postoperative period. For your professionalism, humane approach. Humanity is always important, especially in critical situations.
    Mom in general enthusiastically talks about being in the hospital))). He says that you already pay, that is for what). And what girls (nurses, paramedics) are smart).
    I did not notice the pumping of money. Everything was painted with prices. We knew what we were paying for and how much.

    Google Mar 26 2022
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    Thank you to the doctors for the operation and anesthesia to Dr. Serhiy Anatoliyovych Konyukh!

    Google Aug 31 2021
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    He and his wife underwent an MRI. Everything is fast enough. They practically did not wait. My wife became ill after the procedure because she did not eat for a long time. Two doctors and two nurses approached us at once. Immediately helped. Thank you!

    Google Sep 17 2021
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    I finished the treatment cycle on the accelerator ... I hope for the best, special thanks to the team of radiation therapists and personally to Chistyakova Lilia Viktorovna!
    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Google Dec 29 2021
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    In December 2021, our father Kotsyuba Petro Oleksandrovych consulted with Dr. Malinovsky Igor Vladimirovich.
    We would like to express our gratitude for the professional consultation and perfect explanation for further treatment. It is extremely nice and important that the doctor gave hope for a positive result, and this is the main thing for the patient!
    Thank you to the staff for their professionalism and excellent conditions!
    We wish the Spizhenka Clinic prosperity, realization of all plans and grateful clients!

    Google Jan 12 2022
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    Gynecologist Oksana Smirnova is a very cool specialist and a kind woman
    I paid a thousand hryvnia for a consultation, I liked everything

    Google Feb 02 2022