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Marietta Dental Solutions Reviews from Verified Patients in Los Algodones, Mexico

"A" Ave. #338 between 3rd and 4th St, Los Algodones, Baja California Mexico
Price range:: $70 to $7500
Focus Area: Dental Clinic in Los Algodones, Mexico | Marietta Dental Solutions | Cosmetic Dentistry | Restorative Dentistry | Dental Implants | Crowns | Veneers | Full Mouth Restoration | Tooth Extraction

About Marietta Dental Care

Get the best of cosmetic and specialized dental treatments in Los Algodones, Mexico. Marietta Dental Solutions is one of the reputable and most prestigious dental clinics in Los Algodones, Baja California.

Dental Implants in Los Algodones, Mexico Reviews at Marietta Dental Solutions

  • Hector

    My experience at Marietta Dental was great, since the beginning of my treatment l noticed that they are professional and they know what they doing for you and the price of the services that very reasonable, absolutely I recommend this place, Alexis, Kevin, Chris, everybody is very friendly, thank you so much.

    Google Oct 17 2022
  • Paul

    Great work by a great Crew !

    Google Oct 31 2022
  • Jennifer

    I have been here multiple times and have had a few different hygienists; all are great. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the office is excellent. You can watch Netflix or listen to music while you are getting your cleaning.
    I highly recommend it!

    Google Nov 08 2022
  • Laya

    I cant say enough good things about Marietta Dental Care !! They are amazing!!
    They don’t know what to do for you , the Hospitality of this clinic is more than a five star!! The towns people are wonderful I am looking forward to coming back in January 2023

    Google Nov 25 2022
  • Carlos

    Very good service and professional doctors

    Google Nov 27 2022
  • Jeff

    Terrific folks. Did great work on a full mouth restoration. I’m recommending to all my friends in Arizona.

    Google Dec 16 2022
  • gabriela

    Best service, have my whitening and crowns very happy everything went smoothly, staff are friendly and profesional I would highly recommend this clinic thanks Dr Grilseda.

    Google Dec 15 2022
  • Jorge

    They’ll take great care of you, they remember faces and names of you come by the 2nd time.

    Google Dec 09 2022
  • Lupita

    The service was amazing they made an appointment for a close date,the prices are very reasonable

    Google Dec 16 2022
  • Jon B

    Very professional and caring. From the time I entered, until I was taken back to the airport to fly home, I received the utmost in customer care!

    Google Dec 16 2022
  • Holly B

    Went and got dental implants.. staff was awesome, they were very nice and place was very professional and clean… driver was great and they did did their best to make me and my family comfortable.. I highly recommend…!!!

    Mar 23 2022
  • Mimi

    Going tomorrow for my second visit. So far very professional and great service.

    Google Oct 04 2021
  • Leonard

    First visit to Marietta Dental office for implants, everything went as planed will go back in September, the staff is well organized and professional.

    Google Jul 21 2021
  • Tammy

    I have wanted to improve my smile for years but could not accept the cost associated with the work I was going to need. After speaking with Marietta Dental Solutions, I decided that now was the time. I could not be more satisfied with the work they performed but most importantly how professional everyone was. I will be returning to finish enhancing my smile. I highly recommend there services to anyone needing or just wanting to improve the dental wellness. I have already recommended them to multiple potential patients.

    Google Jul 30 2021
  • Ok2bAsian

    Like many of you reading this, I was skeptical of receiving major dental treatment in Mexico. I read hundreds of reviews and researched what seemed like hundreds of dentists and clinics before choosing. I am now almost six weeks post-operative from my procedures and will post what I feel to be an honest review of Marietta Dental and Dr. Christian Humberto Corrales Fierro in Los Algodones, Mexico. Alexis Cortes is the Manager of Marietta Dental and will be your primary point of contact. He was very patient and answered all of my questions. Of all the clinics I spoke to, Alexis was the ONLY one who did not try and sell me a treatment plan beforehand! Alexis emphasized beforehand that it would be impossible to finalize a treatment plan without being thoroughly examined by the dentist. Makes sense, right? Yet, many of the other clinics I spoke to insisted on just that. NO pressure. I was given several different treatment options and each one was explained thoroughly. The actual cost ended up being LESS than I was originally quoted and was planning on. Marietta also accepted credit card payments which is a relief not having to travel with such a large amount of cash. All of the equipment at Marietta Dental was modern and first-rate! Getting implants done is a major surgery! It is natural to have anxieties but thanks to Alexis and Marietta Dental my anxieties and fears disappeared. My only regret is waiting so long!

    Google Oct 15 2021
  • Terry

    Marietta Clinic staff were very friendly and professional. Treated us royally with service above and beyond what we expected. Their service including sending the clinic van to get in line at the border an hour in advance of our departure to shorten our wait time.
    Dentist was excellent and took great care to be gentle and very thoughtful in our treatment. We both found the surgeon to not be as gentle in his procedures but he did excellent work and clearly knew what he was doing!
    In short, a great dental clinic with stellar service!

    Terry Chambers

    Google Mar 04 2022
  • Gabriella

    Very professional in their work, recommended 100%

    Facebook Feb 20 2021
  • sylvan

    Wonderful experience with this office. Staff went over and above to make sure we were comfortable and well taken care of. I had work performed that would have cost me four times as much in the states. Very happy with the results. Will return again as needed.

    Google reviews Jul 02 2021
  • Jeanne

    Marietta Dental did two implants as well as two root canals with crowns to my complete satisfaction. The staff is both professional and friendly!

    Google reviews Aug 05 2021
  • Bella

    This clinic provides an all in one
    experience. I could not have done this trip without Mariettas
    assistance. Their work is Excellent at less than 1by 3 US Dental costs. Mexico has the
    most recent technology, unlike...

    Google reviews Aug 03 2021
  • Teresa

    Still in process but I am so grateful I found this clinic and their doctors.
    I have been told for years I need many dental procedures that I was unable to afford in the US. Most of my friends go to Algodones, so happy I finally did.
    After visiting at least 6 different clinics here and being told many different things all involving quite large price tags I finally visited Mexico. I first messaged x rays and information to many of the top rated clinics in Algodones and followed up with a visit. I chose Marietta dental initially because of my contact with Alexis. So kind, efficient and by far the best communication and customer service I found. I met with Alexis as well as Dr. Luis Melendez Martinez, both really fabulous!! After looking up their reviews I chose them and was able to get a total of 8 implants and they have taken the best care of me.
    Their entire staff, Clever, Kevin, Dr Christian, Dr. Paul, Mario my driver have all been amazing.
    Customer service and professionalism do not get better!!
    Thank you all so much

    Google reviews Aug 01 2021
  • Marit O

    Interaction with vendor was pleasant and informative. All questions were answered. I just picked another Dentist based on 0rice and warmer location

    Feb 05 2021
  • Craig A

    Very responsive to any questions you may have

    Dec 11 2020