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Optimed Hospital in Istanbul Turkey Reviews From Patients

Alipasa, Kilic Ali Pasa Venue No:36, 59850 Corlu/Tekirdag
Ataturk Venue No:118, 59500 Cerkezkoy/Tekirdag
Price range:: $1600 to $5000
Focus Area: Private International Optimed Hospital | Plastic Surgery | Bariatric Surgery | Breast lift | Radiology | Urology | Snoring and Sleep | Pediatric Surgery | Neurology | Dermatology | Internal Medicine | Eye Diseases | Cardiology | Multispecialty Center in Tekirdag Turkey

About Optimed International Hospital

Optimed International Hospital located in Turkey providing the best treatment for plastic surgery, cardiology, urology and more in affordable best prices.

Multiple Medical Treatments Reivews at Optimed Hospital in Turkey

  • Mustafa

    Very caring staff and thank you very much.

    Google Sep 27 2022
  • Selçuk

    This is patient satisfaction

    Google Oct 06 2022
  • Senguler

    We are very pleased with our doctor Hakan Sunal, your 5th floor nurses, your secretary, your cleaning staff. We wish everyone continued success. Best regards.

    Google Oct 27 2022
  • Nebiye

    I would like to thank my teacher Hakan Sunal and his team, floor nurses and hospital nurses, God bless you, I am glad to have you.

    Google Nov 24 2022
  • Murat

    It is the only health institution that I have been treated and left without getting angry. Bravooo

    Google Nov 30 2022
  • Nuh

    After the previous application, I got a call from the patient rights unit of the optimed hospital and the lady g**** took care of me by asking about the situation. He informed me that the situation was wrong and that the second payment would be returned to me. As I mentioned in my previous comment, there is never a problem with doctors or employees, only the application was wrong and in this case it was corrected. Thank you.

    On October 15, 2022, we entered the emergency room around 22:00 in the evening for the treatment of my son. I have nothing to say to the doctor. Thankfully, they were interested and we paid 519 TL for the account. As a result of the treatment, the doctor informed us that there was no need for any medication. However, the next day, on October 16, 2022, when our son reported the same ailments again, we went to the emergency room again because it was Sunday. We were examined. My medication was prescribed. Afterwards, at the exit, we were asked for an examination fee of 280 TL again. When I said that the fee should not be charged again in this way before it was 24 hours, they said that if we had applied to the polyclinic, it would not be charged, but that it should be taken from the emergency room. The working staff, who did not know that there was no polyclinic on Sunday, talked to their superior officer and ensured that 240 TL was taken from us. Thank you very much for your interest. I would not do business with any hospital that turns the health sector into a commercial sector.

    Google Nov 20 2022
  • Yakup

    A good health institution

    Google Nov 28 2022
  • kursun

    Many thanks to Nevzat and his whole team who performed the surgery on my mother. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Ms. Emel, Mr. Elicine and OPTIMED family. I would also like to thank my staff friends who were friendly and warm to their 4 floor nurses. I say OPTİMED hospital, the address of TRUST in health...

    Google Nov 29 2022
  • Ismail

    First of all, I would like to thank my doctor Muhammet Cabir ÖZDEMİR for his sensitivity during the examination and treatment process. From the very beginning of the process (it is still going on), it was really admirable that he dealt with every aspect of the process in the most sensitive way and analyzed it in detail, determining the most accurate treatment method as a result and realizing it with devotion. I verbally conveyed his right to him, as I always do.

    In addition, as long as I was treated at the hospital, I saw again how right choice I made. I would not have thought of such a wonderful environment with nurses, caregivers, room workers. (especially the 4th floor) I congratulate the hospital management on this issue and I hope that they are aware of the value they have.

    The hospital is really well planned and managed with its general cleanliness, order, staff adequacy, equipment capacity and volume. In this respect, I congratulate the management of your institution. This is the first time I am sharing such an experience for a hospital. I hope you continue on your way by constantly improving this image without giving up.

    Kind regards ..

    Google Dec 09 2022
  • Ibrahim B

    Still waiting for my reply

    Jul 29 2022
  • Mucella

    We are very pleased with Mr. Nevzat, Hakan Akdere and Göksel.

    Google Feb 27 2022
  • Elif

    I am very satisfied with my Muzaffer Kurt teacher, I recommend it to everyone

    Google Feb 28 2022
  • Ugur

    Supporting my wife during pregnancy, Op.Dr. To Ms. Nida and Perinatology Specialist Doc.Dr. Thank you very much Mr. Cihan...

    Google Mar 01 2022
  • Erdi

    We would like to thank all the institutional team, especially Mr. Egemen, for their interest and relevance for the patient we sent from the company.

    Google Mar 02 2022
  • Gizem

    I gave birth to both my 3year old son and my twins in this magnificent hospital.. Despite going through a critical pregnancy period with my dear doctor, Op.Dr.Nevzat KOC, it is impossible to forget the psychological support he gave. I got my twins healthy at 31 weeks.. Of course, the process was not that long. We had a long newborn process and our other pediatrician, Specialist Dr.Medeni ASMA and Specialist Dr.Ali BASKENT, who did his job there with love, stepped in and the newborn process of our twins was finished with health.. I cant thank them enough. Of course, we should not forget the other employees. Both the midwives and the newborn nurses were with us in this process with love and compassion as if they were their own souls.

    Google Mar 08 2022
  • Anonymous

    Check Before & After images of nose surgery rhinoplasty at Private International Optimed Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Dec 18 2021
  • Anonymous

    Check Before & After images of obesity surgery procedures at Private International Optimed Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Dec 08 2021
  • Anonymous

    Check Before & After images of Breast Augmentation surgery at Private International Optimed Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Dec 12 2021
  • Ayse

    I say optimized and nothing else. It provides perfect service and I am satisfied.

    Facebook Sep 23 2016
  • Davut

    In order to live healthy and healthy days on good weekends, there are moments when we need a health sector from time to time, Dr. Ayhan Aslan, chairman of the board of directors of optimed hospital, who did not spare his support and help us in every way during the ongoing treatment process of my wife, Dr. Recep Mr. Caliskan, Optimed Hospital patient rights manager Ms. Ezgi Gonul, I would like to thank our Internal Medicine specialist Dr.

    Google reviews Oct 01 2021
  • Nurhayat

    Today, Omer, the internal medicine doctor, guided me very well, made my job go quickly, and made me feel comfortable. Likewise, Goksel Bey

    Google reviews Dec 01 2021
  • Ece


    Google reviews Jan 21 2022
  • S

    I had the best experience there, and Burak is the best.

    Google reviews Dec 05 2020
  • Denis N

    Very good organisation for quick response to any questions

    Oct 08 2021

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