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Dr. Nilgun Turhan Fertility Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey Reviews From IVF Patients

Nisbetiye Mh. Aytar Cad. Basluk Sokak No:1/B 34340 Besiktas / Istanbul / Turkey
Price range:: $150 to $3000
Focus Area: Dr. Nilgun Turhan | IVF | Infertility, Monitoring | Intrauterine Insemination | Egg Freezing | Sperm Freezing | Hysteroscopic Surgery | Gynecologic Surgeries | In-Vitro Fertilization in Istanbul Turkey

About Prof. Dr. Nilgun Turhan Fertility Clinic

Prof. Dr. Nilgun Turhan has been working in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and IVF for over 30 years. She is a renowned expert in the field of infertility and assisted reproductive technologies (IVF). Key procedures include Infertility, Monitoring, Intrauterine, Insemination, Egg Freezing, Sperm Freezing, and more.

In-Vitro Fertilization in Istanbul, Turkey Reviews at Dr. Nilgun Turhan Clinic

  • Ersen

    The success of Nilgün and her team in the work they did in Muğla brought great happiness to our lives. I had 2 attempts to vaccinate in a different hospital but had a negative result. We are very pleased that his attitude is also smiling. Absolutely reliable, experienced and successful ... a Dr. ENDLESS THANKS NİLGÜN HANIM

    Google Jul 02 2021
  • Sibel

    Our paths crossed with my teacher Nilgun in Muğla in 2014, we did not have a baby as a result of our 2-year trial, and we started with vaccination when I applied to him. we could not get results, may Allah be pleased with him.

    Google Jul 17 2021
  • Aysha

    Dr. Turhan is a great doctor. She’s very understanding. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an IVF specialist in Istanbul, Turkey

    Google Dec 23 2021
  • Ruth

    Very welcoming clinic staff. Dr Turhan N, is a humble woman and she is there for all her customers ready to support them. My experience when i visited the clinic in March 2021 was that Dr. Turhan N, was very welcoming, she takes good time with her clients, smiling always and promising lady. i recommend her to all the couples looking at her clinic profile because they will be happy for the success. Thanks to Dr Turhan N. and the staffs for making my procedure successful and great full . I appreciate.

    Google Jul 02 2021
  • Malik

    I highly recommend Dr Nilgun to anyone having trouble conceiving. She is so understanding and makes you feel very comfortable. Unfortunately my first cycle failed but I am planning on going back soon inshaAllah. Dr Nilgun can understand all problems your going through and never makes you feel like a burden.

    Thank you so much for all your help Dr.

    Google Jun 03 2022
  • Gulsum

    I can say the sweetest, most sincere doctor I have ever seen. This is a person who never lost his understanding of me when I went to him and talked on the phone and when we messaged him. I ask whatever I ask, my beautiful doctor who tells me everything without getting bored, and who is hungry from A to Z I am very lucky to have a doctor like you. I hope I will get through everything in your count

    Google Apr 13 2021
  • Fatma

    Everyone has a turning point, thanks to you, mine was thanks to you. It was a miracle for me to have your way to Mugla, because I had serious health problems and you healed me as if confirming the words the doctor will come to the patients feet will be fine. Happy day

    Google Apr 07 2021
  • Ayten

    I lived with my two children until the birth, my teacher, your efforts are so great that today my daughter and I owe it to you again if we are alive, I know that if you are not at birth, both the baby and my life will be lost. iyki hocam

    Google Apr 28 2021
  • Aysha

    Dr. Turhan is a great doctor. She is very understanding. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an IVF specialist in Istanbul, Turkey

    Google Oct 19 2021
  • Aysha A

    My husband and I are beyond thankful for Dr Nilgun. She is a wonderful, caring and kind doctor. Dr Nilgun there is not enough words to express our appreciation. Dr Nilgun has played such an important role in our lives; she went above and beyond everything we ever would have expected and will forever remain grateful. Throughout our fertility journey there were times. Dr. Nilgun always made me feel that giving Her kindness and compassion have been such a blessing! Dr Nilgun always kept us informed during the entire treatment process and often took the time to personally call us to check on us. She is very knowledgeable, understanding and comforting. She was very patient with my husband and I and our many questions. We never left the office feeling rushed. Words can’t express our gratefulness but our hearts can. The nurses were also really helpful, attentive and supportive. They are kind, compassionate and truly care about their patients. They are amazing nurses. Their professionalism shown has been wonderful. My husband and I are thankful for their role in helping us achieve our dream. Thank you Dr. Nilgun!

    Dec 11 2021

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