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Deutscher Zahnarzt Budapest Clinic Reviews from Verified Patients in Budapest Hungary

Budapest 1121, Zugligeti Str. 60.
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About Deutscher Zahnarzt Budapest

Deutscher Zahnarzt Budapest is the best medical center for the Dental Treatment in Budapest, Hungary. You can get best treatment for Dental Implants, Aesthetic Dentistry, and Conservative Dentistry at Deutscher Zahnarzt Budapest. You can find and compare your Dental Treatment options at this clinic.

Dental Work in Budapest, Hungary Reviews at Deutscher Zahnarzt Budapest

  • lisa

    Kati helped me a lot from the start! She gave me an appointment very quickly and even when I had to postpone it again due to delays in entry, she tried very hard to help me! I am very grateful to her for that and I felt that I was in much better hands in a new country than a relatively young person. She is very friendly and I can only recommend her very best Everything went well on site. The dentist spoke perfect German Kati too, of course and everything went without any problems. Thank you very much again !!

    Google Feb 09 2021
  • Christine

    I am very happy to have found Kati Mod service. Everything went perfectly! Super reliable, friendly and fast communication, helpful with all questions.

    The dentist was great and took his time! I felt very comfortable! Very personable practice team! Many thanks for everything!

    Google Nov 15 2021
  • Remo

    Good afternoon to all readers.

    I would like to tell you a little bit about my stay in Budapest and about my experiences in the dental clinic of The German Dental Clinic in Budapest.
    I found out about a website from Ms. Katalin Mod where she recommends this practice.
    Personally, I can only say the best of all and recommend it to everyone. Dr. Schatz treated them very well with their assistants and also gave recommendations about the treatment.
    Due to the Corona period, I had to postpone my appointments several times, which was never a problem. I would like to thank Katalin again for this.
    Katalin also organizes everything else to my complete satisfaction. Whether hotel room, apartment or in my case the campsite. I can also highly recommend it. 20 euros per night

    The city of Budapest itself is worth a visit. I was there for 2 weeks and discovered something new every day. I recommend using public transport because you can get there quickly and anywhere, even outside the practice door.

    I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Telephone number You will receive from Ms. Katalin Mód.

    I thank everyone again.

    R. Donath

    Google Sep 29 2021
  • ros

    I can only warmly recommend Kati Mod service. The onsite support is exemplary and what convinced me the most was the fact that she did not recommend the first dentist who came up, but looked for someone else who was tailormade for my special needs, and ultimately even better and cheaper! The dental practice is highly professional and takes a lot of time to discuss the individual case according to personal considerations. 6 stars from me!
    PS: And a visit to Budapest is always worth a trip!

    Google Oct 12 2021
  • Christoph

    The dentist tried very hard, was very competent and very friendly. Devices were up to date. Communication was not a problem. All in all, the treatment was just as good as in Germany, but a little cheaper. I am very satisfied with the treatment, thank you very much!

    Google Jan 12 2022

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