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Renovación de Vida in Tijuana, Mexico Reviews from Real Patients

Calle Emiliano Zapata # 2721 Colonia Ejido Chilpancingo Tijuana Baja California
Focus Area: Renovación de Vida | Drug Addiction Treatment Center | Tijuana, Mexico | Drug Rehab Clinic | Drug Addiction Rehabilitation

About Renovación de Vida

Renovación de Vida is a Drug Rehab Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico providing opportunity for drug addicts to transform their lives and live healthier and happier.

Addiction Treatment,Detox Reviews in Tijuana, Mexico at Renovación de Vida

  • Tavo F C

    Una excelente escuela de vida!

    Renovación de Vida Nov 16 2022
  • Fabian G

    A pleasure to be part of this institution.... Until you and God allow me... Until then imma stop trying to help!

    Renovación de Vida Dec 14 2022
  • Vicente H

    Me encanta las conferencias!

    Renovación de Vida Jan 03 2023

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