MIOT International Hospitals in Chennai, India Reviews from Real Patients

MIOT International Hospitals in Chennai, India Reviews from Real Patients

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4/112, Mount Ponnamalle Road, Manapakkam, Chennai - 600089 Chennai Tamilnadu
Focus Area: MIOT International Hospital | Orthopedic Surgery | Heart Care | Spine Surgery | Sport Medicine | Bariatric Surgery | Kidney Transplant | Cancer Treatment

About MIOT International Hospitals

MIOT International Hospital in Chennai offers specialized care in Orthopedics, Cardiology, Organ Transplant, and all medical specialties.

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Cancer Treatment,Heart Care/Surgery,Obesity/Bariatric Surgery,Organ Transplant,Orthopedic/Knee Surgery,Spine Care/Surgery,Sports Medicine Reviews in Chennai, India at MIOT International Hospitals

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    Sankar N

    This review was long overdue, but I finally got a chance to write it. We underwent total knee replacement surgery for my mother in the year 2021 for her left knee and in 2023 for her right knee. Although she had been suffering from osteoarthritis for a long time, and her knee was completely worn out, we delayed the surgery due to an existing medical conditions. Finally, the pain became so unbearable that she couldn't even walk a few feet, compelling us to take the risk of surgery to improve her quality of life.
    Given her existing medical conditions, I had to inquire with several surgeons and hospitals to choose the right one for us. Finally, I had the chance to speak to Dr. Billy Paul Wilson at MIOT. I typically ask a ton of questions, and Dr. Billy was very patient in answering all of my questions without any hesitation or getting upset. Considering the significant number of total knee replacement surgeries he had performed, we felt much more comfortable, and immediately decided that he was the right surgeon for my mom. He performed the first surgery in September 2021 and the second one in May 2023.
    The outcome of the surgery was truly impressive, significantly improving my mom's quality of life. We were left wondering why we didn't go to Dr. Billy earlier. He consistently followed up with me during the hospital stay, recovery period, and at every follow-up consultation my mom attended. His extraordinary skills, unwavering support, and encouragement played a pivotal role in my mom's recovery journey. Thank you so much, Dr. Billy. I truly appreciate your dedication to your work. While I may not believe in God, I do believe in wonderful person like you. :-)

    MIOT International Hospitals Jan 03 2024
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    Linda G

    We have been here at MIOT International Hospital since November 2023 up to date.our experience so far is that;they are well equipped and have a great team medically. The treatment has gone well.. The staff are very friendly and available at all hours of the day.Though it might be a bit difficult at times with language and other communication barriers, our thorough experience is ,that we are quite satisfied with the outcome ,though there are remaining medical procedures that needs to be attended to once we reach home.Thank you all.

    MIOT International Hospitals Nov 18 2023
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    Sylvette T

    All hospital staff are friendly and are ready to help. This includes the housekeeping ladies, restaurant staff, nurses and PR. I recommend this hospital as the Doctors a really good and it is fully equipped with state of the art equipment. They took good care of patient before and after surgery.

    MIOT International Hospitals Dec 21 2023
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    Darius P

    MIOT Hospital was a real good experience. The service was exceptional, with a high level of Service and Professionalism. The Nurses, Doctors and Supporting staff were really nice and helpful throughout the whole treatment. A special thanks for the very special Admin Lady that always made sure we were being served with exceptional care. Lastly I would like to thank everyone for their overall support throughout my Grandfather’s treatment.

    MIOT International Hospitals Jan 16 2024
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    Marie-Claire W

    Thank all the staff for making our stay here at MIOT safe, comfortable. All the staff have more than helpful, friendly and above all very caring, making my recovery and my wife's stay more than acceptable. Special thanks to the surgeon and his team and the sisters and management that looked after her on our ward, room 457. Thank you and best wishes to all.

    MIOT International Hospitals Jan 10 2024
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    I came to MIOT for a routine master health check up. The overall experience was very good with excellent and prompt service. The support staff and doctors are very professional, patient centric and caring. All check ups were done in time-bound manner without any delay.

    MIOT International Hospitals Feb 06 2024
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    Sarah J

    I would like to thank MIOT for saving my father. He was admitted in MIOT on 13th Dec as has had blood vomitting due to Liver disorder. Thank you Dr. Murali, PROs of International block and all nurses. With all their care and timely treatment my father lives today. Amazing treatment and warm service. PROs and all staffs are well trained and very warm, approchable. Thank you all once again.

    MIOT International Hospitals Feb 04 2024
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    Jeff A

    For me it's a first time to enter a hospital on long term with my experienced I noticed from the very first day the way they welcomed, attention given to whole team from Seychelles came for medical treatment. Everybody is sincere and professional from house keeping, nurses and doctors all are professional and treated equally and the technology and the equipments are top standards which they undergo many surgeries which finally the patients get their results. The services given from the diet department is hotel standard. I am very happy and satisfied with the results that I have received with my medical treatment.

    MIOT International Hospitals Feb 02 2024
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    Neha J

    Pain is an inescapable experience but suffering can be reduced if one gets into capable hands. That’s what happened to my parents when one of them were diagnosed with GBS syndrome and other one from acute Bilateral Pyelonephritis in a row. I got both admitted in MIOT for treatment in emergency. Once handed over, the hospital staff quickly took over the responsibility. The process from entry to discharge is seamless. The empathetic culture embedded from top was evident at each stage starting from reception, staff, doctors, admin, billing and insurance department etc. The hospital has adopted a patient centric approach. The doctors here are highly qualified and experienced. I was communicated line of treatment in 24 hours. The collaboration between medical professionals is remarkable. The surgery decision in my father’s case was a well-coordinated decision among cardiology, urology and anaesthesia departments. The doctor even responded during off duty hours during an emergency situation. The communication process to the attendant is also commendable. There are proper counselling rooms setup for doctors to address family members queries/concerns, ICU parents are provided facility to connect with their family members over phone apart from regular connect timings. They also have a world class rehabilitation center which is very friendly and homely. It helps patients to recharge their physical and mental wellbeing. The rules and regulations and policies are set up and enforced keeping in mind wellbeing of patients. The hygiene and cleanliness are of very high standards. Also any feedback from patients and family members are addressed on priority. Overall my experience with MIOT has been very positive and I would recommend this hospital to all my friends, family and colleagues.

    MIOT International Hospitals Feb 01 2024