Kliniken Allianz Oncology Center

Kliniken Allianz Oncology Center

Oberaudorf, Germany

Bad-Trissl-Str. 73 83080 Oberaudorf

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Kliniken Allianz Oncology Center

Bad Trissl Medical Centre


Bad Trissl Medical Centre was founded in 1968 by Senator Hans-Hermann Rösner-Mautby, as the first after-care clinic in Germany. From its very beginnings, the centre has been closely connected with the cancer research centre of Heidelberg. In 1999, Senator Rösner's son, Peter, took control of the centre and completely modernized all buildings and also founded the independent Department of Rehabilitation, which includes an indoor pool and a centre for medical sports therapy.

Bad Trissl Medical Centre, is one of the affiliated medical facilities in the Kliniken Allianz Munchen group. The oncology centre offers modern, as well as traditional, cancer treatments and procedures for patients all over the world.

Cancer Treatment Germany

The therapy and care for the patients is based upon many years of experience and a constant survey of the latest scientific results in oncology. The centre's acute therapy unit is divided into two main sections: the Department of Gynecology and the Department of Internal Medicine.

Thanks to experienced physicians and modern medical equipment from the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine various types of cancer are detected in the early stages, therefore making the treatments highly successful.

Working in close collaboration with the University Clinic of Grosshadern in Munich, the Bad Trissl Medical Centre is able to offer its patients regional hyperthermia too treat various types of tumors. The cancerous cells are killed by using radio waves, therefore enhancing the effects of radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Innovative Cancer Procedures Germany


Bad Trissl Medical Centre Departments

  • Gynecology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy
  • Radiology & Nuclear Medicine
  • Regional Hyperthermia
  • Radiation therapy
  • Natural medicine


Our team

Senator h.c. H. H. Peter Rösner

Senator h.c. H. H. Peter Rösner

Owner of the Bad Trissl Medical Centre




Dr. med. Bernhard Weber

Dr. med. Bernhard Weber

Medical director of Bad Trissl Medical Centre




Friedrich Wagner

Friedrich Wagner

Managing director of Bad Trissl Medical Centre



Our Goals

Germany Cancer Medical Tourism

  • Continuously develop and improve the holistic approach towards cancer patients by collective effort
  • To improve early detection of cancer
  • To coordinate the scientific and practical work in oncology
  • To promote new researches of clinical studies for chemo-, hormone-,immune- and complementary therapies
  • To continue accompanying our patients with love and kindness through all stages of their illness


What we do

Cancer Procedures and Treatments in Germany

  • We offer treatment plans developed for each patient.
  • We take our time for all concerns and desires of our patients and take them seriously.
  • We create a climate of warmth and confidence, because we believe that a good atmosphere mobilizes healing forces.
  • We provide various programmes to help our patients get back their former social life.     
  • We support our patients in case of financial problems with our welfare organization.
  • We help our patients and their relatives deal with their social and bureaucratic problems - not only during their hospital stay, but also after their dismissal.


We are here to help you get the best treatment option for cancer in a relaxing and friendly surrounding. 

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