Change Your Lifestyle! Cure Infertility!

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Change Your Lifestyle! Cure Infertility!


Fertility is an increasing problem of the 21st century. No matter what the cause for infertility might be, not being able to conceive and have the family you dream of can be a frustrating and devastating feeling with a serious psychological impact.   

Specialists in infertility say that the complex problem of infertility has many times a simple solution: adopt a healthy lifestyle and find the appropriate treatment or procedure according to your needs.

Why is a healthy lifestyle important?

Fertility Treatments and Procedures Worldwide Many infertility problems are caused by problems related to the patient's lifestyle. Stress, the body weight, exposure to toxins, the lack of calcium necessary for fertilization, eating unhealthy food, lack of sleep or PH imbalance among others, have a powerful negative impact  on a woman's fertility level. What specialists suggest, is a healthy diet and lifestyle, which will help with various issues, such as the lack of energy, excess weight, skin issues and blood sugar process, while improving fertility.

When it comes to diet, one of the most important things is to avoid genetically modified foods for at least six months before trying to conceive. Keeping a healthy, nutritional food habit is the first step to take in this process.

What are other factors that impact fertility?

- Smoking
- Drug use
- High caffeine and/or alcohol intake
- Consumption of toxic elements
- Lack of sleep
- Not exercising or over-exercising

All these factors affect not only the woman but also the man by affecting the quality and quantity of the sperm, the ovulation process, the quantity and quality of the eggs or the production of various hormones. The lack of sleep leads to other problems too, such as mood swings, stress, chronic fatigue, the overall sex life.


What are the medical solutions to infertility?

IVF Surrogacy PGD Abroad

Unfortunately, changing the lifestyle and diet is not always helpful in solving the infertility problem. There are several medical conditions, medication, radiation therapy, some disorders, medical procedures (such as tubal ligation that cannot be reversed), multiple abortions or simply the age of the man or woman which need special attention.

Fertility clinics all over the world offer a variety of procedures and treatments. Each fertility program is created according to the patients' needs and after a careful evaluation the experienced medical team will present the most convenient treatment plan.


Infertility is a challenge for anyone who has to deal with it. Fortunately, thanks to technological advancements and medical developments, the success rates of fertility treatments continue to increase, offering patients more changes to have the family they are struggling for.

If you decide to go abroad for fertility treatments, do a careful research regarding each country's policy related to this subject. Some countries ban surrogacy, PGD, embryo donation or egg donation, so you really need to know where to go and for what treatment. If you need information about what treatments are available in each country and for what price, we are here to help!

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