With so much to worry about when you're pregnant – from eating the right foods and avoiding others to keeping a lid on smoking, drinking and other no nos – few women think about the costs of giving birth. Now you don't have to.

Yes, you will be going through a lot and, yes, you will also have to pay for your hospital stay. These costs can really add up: pediatrician, obstetrician and anesthetist fees; use of the delivery room and staff; a single room for mom with nursing service and meals and of course a room for newborn with nursing services; medical equipment and anesthetics; the equipment used for a spinal block; medicine and supplies; lab examinations for mom and the baby as well as vaccines. It's no wonder that some women choose to give birth at home. The only problem is that if something goes wrong, you can end up in the hospital anyway, only this time, it will be in the emergency room.

Such is the state of healthcare in the US that even a natural procedure like giving birth can cost up to $24,000. Bangkok Hospital has eliminated up to 95% of that cost with a non-painful delivery package that at 48,000THB, or US$1,400 reduces the expense of childbirth up to 90% for many families. And the package not only includes everything listed above – the hospital even presents the baby with a gift set and a birth certificate.

The average cost of a normal vaginal birth in the US is around $8,800 according to recent research, while a caesarian birth is about $11,000. Costs can run up to $24,000, however, with fees like $6,500 for services from a birth center, $9,800 for a two-night stay in neonatal intensive care, and $4,100 for a two-night stay in the maternity ward.

While insurance will cover the cost of the procedure for many Americans, providers have been known to decline coverage for those who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant.

Chris Sharasuvana, E-Marketing Manager at Bangkok Hospital, says that "the cost that can be involved in such a natural procedure as childbirth in other countries is incredible. We are proud to be able to offer this service to families at what is, financially, one of their most vulnerable times." Now it can once again be the happy time it is intended to be.

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