Ibogaine Naltrexone Addiction Treatment

Mind-Altering Drugs: A life free of addiction with Ibogaine and Naltrexone

When people are struggling with drug addiction, sobriety can seem like an impossible goal. But recovery is never out of reach, no matter how hopeless their situation seems. Change is possible with the right treatment and support, and by addressing the root cause of their addiction. The first step for the addicted person is to acknowledge that there is a substance dependency problem or the addiction problem. The next step is to get help.

Today, there are several support groups and professional services available. Treatment options for addiction depend on several factors, including what type of substance it is and how it affects the patients. Typically, treatment includes a combination of inpatient and outpatient programs, counseling (psychotherapy), self-help groups, pairing with individual sponsors, and medication. Nowadays, Ibogaine treatment and Naltrexone implants have been proven very effective in treating numerous addictions.


Why the Craze for New Detox Ways?

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People choose these new detox treatments mainly for three reasons. Firstly, it causes a massive reduction in the symptoms of drug withdrawal, allowing relatively painless detoxification. Secondly, many users report, and scientific studies confirm, a marked lowering in the desire to use drugs is experienced for a period of time after taking these medications, typically between one week and several months. Finally, the drugs’ psychoactive nature is reported to help many users understand and resolve the issues behind their addictive behaviour.

Two of the main innovative treatments for addiction used in clinics worldwide are Ibogaine, extracted from an African plant and Naltrexone, a synthetic drug:

  • Ibogaine, psychoactive indole alkaloid derived from the root bark of an African plant – Tabernanthe iboga,  is a powerful medicine and an incredible opportunity to interrupt addiction and significantly reduce most withdrawal symptoms while repairing brain function.
  • Naltrexone Implant Therapy is among the methods used in anti-addiction clinics. Although Naltrexone can be administered under the form of tablets, injections or implants, the most efficient is the later, with the highest success score. Further, Naltrexone is an opioid antagonist which helps the patients get back to a drug free life.

The results of these two anti-addiction treatments have been proven more effective than traditional methods to cure dependencies. These therapies work differently but the results are the same: a real chance to get rid off  various addictions.


Innovative Drug Rehab Therapy

Do Innovative Detox Therapies Actually Work?

Ibogaine treatment has been described as "like a reset switch for life." After Ibogaine treatment,  most people experience reduced cravings and greatly reduced drug withdrawal symptoms. Moreovermany people will emerge from the experience with a better understanding of why they needed to use drugs or alcohol in the first place.

Although Naltrexone can be administered under the form of tablets, injections or implant, the most efficient is the later, with the highest success score. Naltrexone works best if it is implanted with the condition that the patient will manage to stay drug free for at least 10 days. The implant is placed under the skin in the lower abdominal area, and therefore a continuous level of Naltrexone is released regularly in the body. Naltrexone keeps opioid receptors blocked, affects the main mechanism of dependence, helping the patient get rid of his addiction. The Naltrexone implant can last for 2, 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on each patient's needs.


Controversy and Effectiveness

Ibogaine Treatment - Chemical Dependency

The use of Ibogaine and Naltrexone for treatment of drug addiction and for other conditions has grown substantially over time in many countries where use of the compound as a medicine is permitted. However, research about it for the treatment for drug addiction has been restricted as a result of it’s prohibition in several nations such as the United States. Their effectiveness is still studied, but the outstanding results speak for themselves.

What makes these methods so unique is the fact that they help addicts from all the world regain their healthy and happy pre-addiction lives. At the core of his methods, stands the concept of brain impact therapy, which helps the patients forget that he was an addict and that he needed drugs on a daily basis.

Studies undertaken by leading research and academic facilities have shown that Ibogaine and Naltrexone are invaluable in treating physical dependency and the associated withdrawal symptoms of Heroin, Methadone, and Prescription Opiates. They are is also extremely beneficial in the treatment of Alcohol, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and/or Nicotine addiction.

These two treatments are an incredibly useful tool in breaking through old habits and patterns that keep us separate from our true nature in addiction process including: Depression, Childhood Trauma, Post Traumatic Disorder (PTSD), Compulsive Fear, Bi-Polar Disorder, and Obsesive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).


It’s All About Location ... And Price.

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Some of the popular Ibogaine and Naltrexone treatment centers’ locations are in Canada, in Mexico and in South Africa. As far as European nations are considered, the anti-addiction treatment had received much reputation in Holland, Russia and Ukraine and the popularity is owing to the fact that the treatment is personally oriented and is very specific to the individual needs and visions.

The prices for these innovative medicines vary from country to country and the facilities influence the costs of a full treatment. There is an increasing number of private clinics that offer Ibogaine treatment, and the price for this procedure starts from $4,000 USD to $5,500 USD. The price for the Naltrexone implant varies from 400 euro for a 2-month treatment to 2,500 euro for a 12-month treatment. A person may have repeated Naltrexone implantations if it is necessary. The duration of the treatment and the number of implants are determined by the doctor.

This seems to be the median honest treatment cost. In this price range you should expect a good quality facility that provides a medical quality treatment, with luxury accommodations. These are a few of the benefits of this price range: professional treatment, pre-treatment counseling and activities


Drug Addiction Complete Treatment & Therapy

Drugs Are Not Enough

Naltrexone and Ibogaine Programs work best if they are used in connection with an overall treatment regime, such as anti-drug craving  therapy, psychological therapy, counseling and support group therapy. Unfortunately drug cravings are not cured using this method, therefore the patient has to be 100% convinced that he wants this, and do his part in the process.

The results obtained after the Ibogaine and Naltrexone detox sessions have convinced many patients to try out the new therapy. But there is still a lot of physical recovery needed to really become balanced, and Ibogaine therapy is most effective when combined with the initiation of a healthy lifestyle. Still, chemical dependency the change occurs rather quickly.


Ibogaine Treatment - Naltrexone - Advantages

The Results Speak For Themselves

The main advantages of Ibogaine Treatment are the almost immediately cease opiate withdrawal symptoms, the reduction of drug cravings and the aid to insight into why you use drugs or alcohol.

Naltrexone brings unique ways for treating addictions and compulsive behaviors like gambling, as well as depression, panic attacks, social phobia and stuttering are known all over the world. Various clinics combining unique detoxification methods with the Naltrexone implants help the patient win 80% the battle with addiction, but the other 20% is up to the patient.

Once there is a case of a patient that is drug free and whose brain is back to its full potential then detox clinics can help them change their lifestyle. Ibogaine and Naltrexone help to interrupt addiction but they are not a quick cure or a magic recipe. It has to be taken in the right setting and treatment has to be followed up with psychosocial care.

We live in a great and powerful period of time, when each of us has the ability to create or destroy ourselves. When things get out of control, everybody must receive all the help that is there and new detox treatments help people struggling with addictions to start their lives over.

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