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H.E Lama Ugyen Norbu Rinpoche (Guru Khyentse Ozer Rinpoche) is a qualified Buddhist master, who has been tirelessly working for the benefit of all sentient beings by giving Buddhism teachings, initiations, empowerments and oral transmissions to devoted individuals.

Unfortunately, Rinpoche was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and has been bound to a wheelchair since 2003. With some research and in consultations with medical experts, Rinpoche’s disciples are now planning to send him to ReLife International Medical Center for stem cell therapy combining with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatments.

ReLife International Medical Center, MS Patient, Beijing, China

ReLife International Medical Center is highly privileged to admit Rinpoche as our patient. With previously successful improved muscular dystrophy cases, ReLife is confident that stem cell therapy combined with TCM treatments could work on Rinpoche and help bring improvements to his health and avoid further deterioration of his muscular movements.

ReLife’s treatment plan for Rinpoche is estimated at $19,500 USD. To realize this treatment, both Rinpoche’s disciples and ReLife International Medical Center have done utmost efforts, by donating $9,500USD, and $5,000USD respectively from ReLife's charity foundation, besides the 1000USD collected from the clinic's employees, all striving to make his treatment happen. Even though, there still leaves $3,000USD short of fund.

Muscular Dystrophy Patient in Beijing, China, Stem Cell Therapy

ReLife International Medical Center, located in Beijing, capital of China, pursuing the mission of Regain your life, is now appealing for public donation for Rinpoche. Little drops of water, make the mighty ocean. Let us work together and make Rinpoche’s treatment happen.

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