Hair Transplant Procedure

Is Hair Transplant the Suitable Procedure for Me?

A person’s healthy appearance is characterized, among other factors, by the individual’s hair. But unfortunately, the phenomenon of hair loss has become pretty common nowadays and can happen for various reasons, in both men and women. Many people are highly affected by this process and never reach the level of acceptance, preferring to suffer, to be alone, to develop several inferiority complexes and forget that solutions exist and that not everything’s lost. As a patient suffering from this issue, it’s very important to be aware that hair loss, regardless of how had happened, is reversible.

So, hair loss is a problem affecting an increasing number of people. An unbalanced diet, pollution and stress are factors favouring the installation of alopecia. The hair transplant is the solution that you can call when other treatments fail.

Misinformation or fear of a surgical procedure has fuelled the emergence of certain myths regarding the hair implant. However, the truth is that this intervention is not a difficult one and the results are visible, as well as long lasting.

The decision of having a hair transplant is, indeed, an important one. Each patient has to consider his/her wishes, needs and requirements in terms of appearance, be informed about all the details regarding the procedure and, with a specialist’s guidance, decide upon having or not having the hair transplant done.

How is the hair transplant performed?

The hair implantation is done after the patient agrees with the medical team upon all the details regarding the hairline and the overall procedure, so that both the physiognomy and the desired self-image are achievable and respected.

Before the surgery, the doctors will perform a series of laboratory tests that will determine the donor area’s expansion, as well as the density, texture and the number of interventions required to correct the hairless area(s).

During the preoperative consultation, the number of hair transplant sessions needed for optimal correction, the number of grafts per intervention, the time interval between interventions, and the entire treatment cost will be also discussed.

The hair transplant is done under local anaesthesia and consists in collecting (with special microsurgical instruments) hairs together with their roots from certain areas where hair is permanently present (posterior region of the scalp and temples), and placing them in small holes of the scalp, in the area where the patient wants to have hair implanted.

Hair transplants offer patients a permanent correction. After a certain period after the surgery (an average of about 2-6 weeks), the transplanted hairs will fall within a normal process of adaptation to new vascularisation conditions. Afterwards, they will resume their normal growth process. Therefore, the patient should not be afraid of this transient episode.

There are two main methods of hair transplantation: FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), also called the STRIP and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

The FUT method involves removing a strip that contains a large group of follicular units from the donor area. The FUE method involves harvesting a large number of grafts (each graft contains 1 to 4 hair follicles) and transferring them into the recipient area, one by one.

Is Hair Transplant a Result-providing Procedure?

In most of the cases, the hair transplant provides successful, long lasting results. In order to find out if your case is suitable for such results, you should talk to a specialized doctors regarding to your particular concerns and expectations.

Also, researching other patients’ results (testimonials, before and after pictures) after their hair transplant procedure will help you a lot in deciding if this intervention is something you want to undergo.

Is Hair Transplant Worth It for Me?

This is a common question among patients who’re deciding whether having or not this procedure done. Again, it’s advisable to address this question to a specialized team.

The key to determining ideal candidates for this surgery is estimating what the patient's hair loss pattern can be. This will be discussed together with the medical team. However, a suitable candidate for the procedure is someone (men and women) who is experiencing significant hair loss, who has an overall good health status, has reached full physical maturity and has no strict contraindications to the treatment.

This procedure should not be performed on patients with Alopecia Areata, Pseudopelade and Lichen Planus.

Hair Transplant Price Package per Country

This procedure is extremely expensive in my country. Which are the alternatives I have?

Another issue is the price of the hair transplant. While some countries make it almost impossible for most of the patients to afford this surgery, hospitals and clinics in other counties offer the same medical services at affordable costs.

Turkey is one of the most trending destinations in terms of the hair transplant procedure. Patients from all over the world find out about the Turkish flawless healthcare system and pocket-friendly prices. There are plenty of medical clinics and medical teams specialized on this procedure; the results are, as well, proven to be successful.

Besides Turkey, people travel to Asia (Thailand, Philippines, India, Singapore) and Latin America (Mexico, Argentina) for the exact same reasons.

The prices for a hair transplant package start from $2,500 in Turkey, $4,800 in Thailand, $3,900 in Philippines, $2,500 in India, $1,250 in Mexico and$3,300in Argentina.

Modern medicine has progressed a lot, keeping the pace with the main issues concerning the patients, and hair loss is for sure one of these issues. Fortunately, it’s a problem that has got to be easily solvable.

In order to decide if the hair transplant is a suitable procedure for your specific case, start with a research and definitely talk to a specialized medical team regarding all the necessary, helpful details.

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