North Cyprus IVF Center offers parents the chance to select their baby gender

North Cyprus IVF Center offers parents the chance to select their baby’s gender

Being a parent is one of the greatest accomplishments in life. You get to have a unique experience, enjoy even the smallest of things your baby does and each day you want more and more. But sometimes, the gender of the baby can determine whether your baby gets to live a happily ever after life or not. There are certain hereditary diseases out there that target a gender in a family, making it difficult for families to actually have a baby due to the fear of a possible transmission from the mother to the child.

Who can select the sex of their baby?

When it comes to gender selection there are two groups of patients who choose this option. On the one hand, there are the couples who want to avoid passing on to their child a gene disorder or gene mutation especially if it’s a boy. Studies suggest that males are more prone to the majority of x-linked diseases compared to females.

On the other hand, there are couples who already have a child and who want to balance their family with a child of the opposite sex. Usually, this group has no fertility issues and can undergo natural conception.

Information about North Cyprus IVF Center

North Cyprus IVF Center is a clinic dealing with infertility treatments, being the first clinic in Cyprus to include sperm and egg donation options. The center’s main goal is to determine what the problem is, why the couple can’t have children on their own and offer the right treatment for their issue. As there many possible infertility causes, the North Cyprus IVF Center personalizes each program and treatment for benefit results. The center is the leading infertility clinic since it was opened in 1989.

What are the gender selection options?


Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is an embryo selection made as a response to a known genetic disorder that runs in the family, so it is applied only for genetic disease prevention purposes. Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) applies the same method of embryo selection but when there is not any known genetic disorder.

Both procedures are used as part of the IVF treatment. The eggs are retrieved from the woman (or donor eggs can be used) and are fertilized with the male partner’s semen sample to create embryos. After they reach a certain stage of development, they are screened for genetic disorders and their sex is selected accordingly. This method offers 99% accuracy in selecting the correct sex for the future baby.

MicroSort for Sperm Sorting in North Cyprus IVF Centre

MicroSort for Sperm Sorting

North Cyprus IVF Centre is the only official clinic to offer MicroSort in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. This procedure is a sperm sorting method which enables the selection of a sperm sample into X (female) and Y (male) bearing cells, to determine which sperm batch has the capability of producing a male child and which one can produce a female child.

Unfortunately, this technology is not as accurate as the PGS method described above. It is only 75% accurate for selecting Y-bearing cells and about 85% accurate for selecting X-bearing cells. This means that if the couple chooses only the MicroSort technique without the PGS procedure, there is likelihood that the sex of the child may not be accurately selected.

For the method to be successful, there are also other requirements to be considered. The semen sample of the male partner must contain a minimum of 70 million total motile sperm in the ejaculate so that the sort equipment can be used and get the desired results.

As a conclusion, Pre-Implantation genetic disease and MicroSort IVF should come together in order to prevent your child from suffering from any genetic disease, you or some member of your family might carry.

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