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Surrogacy for Straight Couples Package in Nicosia Cyprus

Package price starting from: $62250
Treatment: Fertility Treatment, Surrogacy
Associated Center: North Cyprus IVF
Sehit Erdogan Yildiz Sokak, Nicosia, Cyprus
Focus Area: Surrogacy Cyprus | Fertility Procedure| Surrogacy Clinic in Cyprus| Fertility Doctors Cyprus | Surrogacy Abroad | Nicosia, Cyprus

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Surrogacy for Straight Couples Package in Nicosia Cyprus

Surrogacy for Straight Couples Package in Nicosia, Cyprus

International gestational surrogacy programs in Cyprus use the unique surrogacy program CASS (Cyprus America Surrogacy Services), offering heterosexual couples affordable surrogacy options, backed by the US legal system. The surrogate recruitment, legal work, child delivery and registration will take place in the US. The IVF treatment will take place in Cyprus, where the surrogate mother will have transferred into her uterus the embryo created for the future mother's or a donor's eggs and the future father's or a donor's sperm. In addition, our lawyer in the US has helped hundreds of couples from all over the world take their child back home.

Benefits of Surrogacy

  • Has an increased success rate
  • Offers couples dealing with infertility the chance to conceive
  • Gives couples' the chance to have a family when the other fertility treatments have failed

Cost, Inclusions, and Exclusions

At North Cyprus IVF, the surrogacy for straight couples package's price starts from $62,250 and includes:

  • Compensation and selection of the surrogate mother
  • Compensation and selection of the egg donor
  • Medical and psychological evaluation of the surrogate
  • Medical and psychological evaluation of the egg donor
  • Surrogate expenses
  • Surrogate compensation for miscarriage
  • Surrogate psychological support in the course of all pregnancy
  • Legal fees

The price excludes:

  • PGD
  • Twins pregnancy
  • Multiple pregnancy
  • Other specialists consultations
  • Premature birth medical expenses
  • Travel arrangements
  • Extra hotel accommodation
  • Intended parents must be legally married

Why Choose Us?

  • The clinic has over 15 years of experience in fertility treatments
  • It's the first IVF clinic in Northern Cyprus
  • The clinic has its own research centre, research team and genetics laboratory
  • The medical center only uses pregnancy proven fertile and healthy egg donors
  • The doctors are pioneers in the field of infertility
  • The clinic offers high success rate treatments and procedures
  • The clinic provides fertility procedures available only in few countries
  • Each patient will have his/her custom-developed fertility program according to his/her specific needs

Find out more about the surrogacy for straight couples package available atNorth Cyprus IVF! Get in touch with us!


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