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When seeking the best gastric sleeve surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico, patients are met with a unique blend of highly qualified professionals, cutting-edge medical facilities, and a warm, culturally rich environment. Tijuana has emerged as a leading destination for gastric sleeve surgery, attracting individuals from all over the globe.

This bustling city, known for its medical expertise, offers a range of experienced surgeons who specialize in minimally invasive techniques to ensure patient safety and optimal outcomes. The surgeons here are not only well-versed in the latest surgical procedures but also in providing personalized care that caters to the individual needs of each patient. With a focus on quality and patient satisfaction, Tijuana's medical community is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their health and wellness goals through this transformative procedure.

Gastric sleeve surgery are the latest word in weight-loss surgery. Their aim is to reduce the appetite of the patient by reducing their stomach by around 80%. This helps the patient feel full faster when eating, while also reducing the appetite by removing the Gherlin hormone (the hormone related to appetite and feeling of hunger). Those who undergo this surgery report that they start losing weight fast and the results are really easy to maintain.

Best Gastric Sleeve Surgeons in Tijuana Mexico

Surgeons Working Clinics
Dr. Jorge Maytorena Bariatric Surgery Jorge Maytorena Clinic
Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola Obesity Surgical Center 
Dr. Gabriela Rodríguez Advance Health Medical Center
Dr. Enrique R. Pantaleon Medica Siluet Clinic
Dr. Oscar Gastelum Gastelum Clinic

Details of Best Gastric Sleeve Surgeons in Tijuana Mexico

1. Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola

Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola, practicing at the Obesity Surgical Center in Tijuana, Mexico, is a highly respected figure in the field of bariatric surgery. With a robust background in gastric sleeve procedures, Dr. Mendiola has earned a reputation for his meticulous surgical techniques and a compassionate approach to patient care. His expertise extends to both the technical aspects of surgery and the comprehensive aftercare that is crucial for patient success. The Obesity Surgical Center, under his guidance, emphasizes a holistic approach, ensuring patients receive not just surgical intervention but also nutritional counseling, psychological support, and lifestyle modification guidance.

2. Dr. Gabriela Rodríguez

At the Advance Health Medical Center, Dr. Gabriela Rodríguez stands out as a leading surgeon specializing in gastric sleeve surgery. Known for her precision and skill, Dr. Rodríguez adopts the latest surgical advancements to provide effective and safe weight-loss solutions. Her commitment to patient education and her ability to create a trusting and reassuring environment sets her apart. Patients benefit from her extensive knowledge and her dedication to achieving the best outcomes, with a focus on minimizing risks and promoting a speedy recovery.

3. Dr. Jorge Maytorena

Dr. Jorge Maytorena of Bariatric Surgery Jorge Maytorena Clinic is a distinguished surgeon in Tijuana, specializing in gastric sleeve surgery. His expertise lies in providing individualized care and employing minimally invasive techniques that reduce recovery time and enhance patient comfort. Dr. Serrano's practice is known for its high standards of safety and patient satisfaction. He takes a patient-centric approach, ensuring that every individual receives the utmost care and attention, from the initial consultation through to post-operative follow-ups.

4. Dr. Oscar Gastelum

At Gastelum Clinic, Dr. Oscar Gastelum is celebrated for his exceptional skills in gastric sleeve surgery. His clinic is equipped with the latest technology, and he employs modern surgical techniques that have set new standards in the field. Dr. Gastelum's approach to patient care is comprehensive, involving pre-surgical evaluations, detailed consultations, and a focus on long-term lifestyle changes post-surgery. He is known for his dedication to patient well-being, ensuring a supportive environment throughout the surgical process.

5. Dr. Enrique R. Pantaleon

Dr. Enrique R. Pantaleon, practicing at his own Medica Siluet clinic, is a well-respected surgeon in the field of bariatric surgery, particularly gastric sleeve procedures. He is known for his innovative surgical techniques and a high success rate. Dr. Camelo emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach, integrating nutritional and psychological support to ensure comprehensive patient care. His clinic is recognized for its modern facilities and a patient-friendly environment, making it a preferred choice for those seeking safe and effective weight loss solutions.

Find Gastric Sleeve Clinics in Tijuana, Mexico

This procedure is highly popular, especially with the patients coming from the US, as it provides a much cheaper alternative to the procedures done in the US. As the procedure is so popular, there are quite a few medical centers that perform gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. Most of the medical centers in Mexico that perform this procedure are certified and possess proper accreditation for work in this field of surgery, and some are even opened by ex-pat doctors from the United States who wish to offer their expertise at knock-down prices.

Prices of Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

The average price that you would have to pay for this gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico is $4,500. Save 70% on Sleeve Gastrectomy compared to USA.



Tijuana, Mexico


United States


Packages for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

Finding the right package to take you to Mexico to have a sleeve gastrectomy can be a bit tough. However, with the procedure being so popular, more and more medical centers, especially those dealing with obesity surgery, are creating new packages for gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico for international customers. Using the link provided in the last sentence, you can access the packages which have already been created and are available for you to choose from. 

How to Find Weight Loss Surgeons for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

Mexico has a great number of bariatric surgeons, some of them, as was already mentioned, ex-pats from the United States who have crossed the border to open their own practices in Mexico, as they are able to offer the same quality of treatment as in the US, while still reducing the prices significantly. Mexican doctors have also become experts in this field, because of the large influx of obesity patients from across the northern border. You can find the Weight Loss Surgeons for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico on our website and get more information about each of them if you need to do so.

What Should You know Before Choosing a Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico?

Is this surgery recommended for me? – Depending on the obesity situation, not every surgery is recommended for every patient. Talk extensively to your doctor about this and make sure that he/she explains why she thinks this would be the best course of action for your situation. 

Is the clinic certified? – Accreditation and certificates are highly important as they are proof of the clinic’s hard work and respect for the rules, both legal and moral. It will show you whether the clinic is trustworthy, especially if it has the JCI accreditation.

Do I get pre-and post-op care? – Visiting a foreign country for surgery means that you are basically left on your own in an unfamiliar place. Make sure that you have some time in the hospital to recover from the surgery.

Do I need to change my diet either before or after the surgery? – While it is unusual for a gastric sleeve to force a change in diet, you might want to check that with the surgeon to make sure.

Faqs about Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

 Here are some FAQs specifically tailored for patients considering gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico:

How do I verify the qualifications of surgeons in Tijuana?

It's important to research each surgeon's credentials, including their education, certifications, and membership in professional organizations. Most reputable surgeons, like those mentioned earlier, have online profiles and reviews that can provide this information.

What are the cost differences between gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana and in the United States?

The cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana is typically much lower than in the United States, often including all associated fees like hospital stay, surgeon's fees, and aftercare. However, prices can vary, so it's advisable to get detailed quotes from different clinics.

Is there a language barrier with medical staff in Tijuana?

In most established medical facilities in Tijuana, doctors and key staff members speak English fluently. However, it's a good idea to inquire about this beforehand and consider a translator if needed.

What should I consider in terms of travel and accommodation for the surgery?

Plan your travel and accommodation with recovery in mind. Many medical facilities in Tijuana offer packages that include assistance with finding suitable accommodations and transport services.

How can I ensure my safety and quality of care in Tijuana?

Choose accredited medical facilities and surgeons with a good track record. Look for reviews and testimonials from previous patients, and don't hesitate to ask the clinic or surgeon about safety protocols and standards of care.

What is the process for follow-up care after returning home?

Discuss with your surgeon about the follow-up care process. Many surgeons in Tijuana provide remote consultations post-surgery. However, it's also important to have a healthcare provider in your home country who can oversee your recovery.

Can I bring someone with me for support during the surgery and recovery?

Yes, it's generally recommended to have a support person with you. Check with your medical facility about their policy regarding accompanying guests.

What is the typical recovery time, and when can I travel back home after surgery?

Recovery time varies, but patients are usually advised to stay in Tijuana for a few days post-surgery for initial recovery and monitoring before traveling back home.

Are there any specific risks of undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana?

The risks associated with gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana are similar to those in other countries, including infection, bleeding, and reactions to anesthesia. Choosing a reputable surgeon and facility can help minimize these risks.

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