Stem Cell Therapies Offer Hope in Mexico

Dr. Omar Gonzalez of Integra Medical Center, located in Tamps, Mexico is just 5 minutes south of the Texas border, offering hope to thousands of patients seeking viable and effective treatments for chronic disease processes. With over a decade specializing in placental stem cell therapies, implants and transplantations, Dr. Gonzalez offers years of experience, dedication, research and expertise in the field of stem cell medicine.

Growing Efficacy of Stem Cell Research

While stem cell research and technology continues to be a fairly controversial topic in the United States, growing numbers of countries around the world are engaging in clinical trials, studies and research in utilizing the enormous benefits of stem cells to treat, improve and sometimes cure patients suffering from a variety of medical conditions and disease processes.

Wallena Haynes is among a growing number of North Americans traveling south of the border for hope and treatment for disease processes, even though such treatments have not yet been approved by the FDA in the United States, a traditionally very slow process. Unfortunately, many patients suffering from a variety of medical conditions don't have the luxury of time on their side.

Wallena suffered a stroke, suffered with difficulty walking, cognitive abilities, physical functioning, and even in performing minimal daily life skills. She lost her job and was unable to find help through traditional medical facilities and procedures in the United States.

Following treatment and with tears in her eyes, Wallena states, "I was actually able to go back and be a human being again," after receiving stem cell therapy treatment from Dr. Gonzalez and his Integra Medical center. Placenta stem cell therapy gave Wallena her life back.

"The idea is to revitalize damaged cells in the body," says Dr. Omar Gonzalez. Serving patients for over two decades, Dr. Gonzalez specializes in placental stem cell therapies and developed his own method of stem cell implantation, injected under the skin of patients. In a procedure that generally lasts less than 45 minutes, Dr. Gonzalez and his staff at Integra Medical Center have seen drastic improvements in the conditions of patients who walk through their doors following a series of stem cell implantation injections.

According to research performed by Dr. Gonzalez, the placenta, commonly known as the after- birth, and which is usually discarded following delivery, has ten times more cells than umbilical cord blood, providing a rich source of stem cells that may be encouraged to adapt or differentiate into specific stem cells where they're needed in the human body.

"Our placental stem cells are harvested from donated placenta following birth processes, and not from embryonic or fetal sources," states Dr. Gonzalez. "Neither the baby nor the mother are harmed or in any way endangered during this process."

Dr. Gonzalez and the Integra Medical Center

Dr. Gonzalez sees over 300 patients a year from destinations not only throughout North America, but as far away as India and Australia. The Integra Medical Center is located just south of McAllen on the Texas-Mexico border, offering easy accessibility to both domestic and international travelers.

While the wheels of progress may turn slowly in the United States, clinical trials utilizing placental, umbilical, embryonic, and adult stem cell therapies are underway in the United States.  In the meantime, patients continue to visit destinations south of the border and around the globe to take advantage of the benefits and positive effects that stem cell therapies are having on chronic disease conditions.

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