Stem Cell Urinary Infection Renal Damage Treatment in Mexico City

Urinary Infections cause kidney disease, Glomerulonephritis, Kidney Failure, Stem Cell Therapy for Kidney Failure, Kidney Failure Stem Cell Therapy, Mexico City

Stem Cell Urinary Infection Renal Damage Treatment in Mexico CityStem Cell Urinary Infection Renal Damage Therapy in Mexico City

Urinary tract infection is a condition associated with the female sex and due to their initial symptoms; their treatment was done in complete discretion if it was carried out in the early stages.

But the reality is that urinary tract infections can appear in men, regardless of their age, and must be taken care of when the first symptoms appear because otherwise, they can be complicated, causing diseases as serious as kidney failure.

MexStemCells brings to you stem cell therapy for kidney failure that treats kidney ailment caused due to urinary infection. This article is an initiative to inform people about how to be cautious in case they are affected by urinary infection. Here, they have highlighted the consequences of a urinary infection, which when left untreated, can lead to a kidney disease called glomerulonephritis.


One of the consequences of a urinary infection that is not treated is that the infection ascends through the urinary tract reaching the kidneys, when this happens it can trigger a kidney disease called glomerulonephritis.

Glomerulonephritis is the swelling of the smallest part of the kidney (glomerulus). This part is responsible for separating important elements of the blood (proteins and liquids) from the waste elements (urine).

The kidneys can function for a long time even suffering from this disease, the problem becomes when the damage to the glomeruli and the nephrons (the smallest parts of the kidney) becomes irreversible.

Suffering from Renal Insufficiency

Once a certain amount of damage is reached, the risk of suffering from renal insufficiency increases, in some cases fortunate if the infection is treated in time, with a period of dialysis the kidney can recover its functioning, although it is damaged, if the damage is very extensive, the kidney becomes unable to fulfill its function, dialysis is indicated as a treatment to gain time in which a donor is obtained for an imminent transplant.

Restoring Kidney Function

Nowadays, Mexstemcells offers the possibility of restoring kidney function in your body by preventing dialysis and transplantation with a novel treatment.

But because kidney failure is a silent disease, you can get too serious stages before presenting symptoms, so it is important to have periodic exams to increase your chances of regaining health because it depends largely on the haste with the one you attend to, the earlier you attend, the better.

Consult your doctor or perform your laboratory test at least once a year to monitor your general health and if you already have a diagnosis of nephritis or kidney failure call Mexstemcells clinic for an assessment, more information click the button below!

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