Heather had tried every trick in the book; exercising, dieting, fad diets, supplement pills, but just couldn't keep the weight off or stick to a consistent plan long enough to achieve the results she wanted. Deep down, Heather knew that in addition to weight loss, she had to make permanent lifestyle changes. Finding the right source to do so proved more of a challenge than she ever expected.

DW weighed over 300 pounds when he realized he'd had enough. Like Heather, DW understood that he needed to change lifestyle habits and learn how to eat properly, exercise more, and take care of himself with new habits.

Both Heather and DW also realized they had quite a challenge ahead of them in the amount of weight they needed to lose to not only start feeling better, but to feel as if they were making and meeting achievable goals.

Dr. Jorge Maytorena, a bariatric surgeon located in Baja, California changed both their lives for the better. Dr. Maytorena specializes in diabetic surgery. "Growing numbers of individuals who are overweight or obese are developing weight-related complications such as diabetes. My goal is to provide every one of my patients long-term management skills that help them take control over their lives and their health."

Bariatric surgery is just the first step in a long process of leading a fuller, healthier and more active life. Heather and DW were both able to benefit not only from the skill of the surgeon and nurses but the nutritionists and counselors available through Dr. Maytorena.

Surgeries Change Lives

"I had my gastric sleeve on July 22, 2010, by Dr. Maytorena," writes Heather. "I have now lost 74 pounds and have had no problems since my surgery." Heather was very happy with not only Dr. Maytorena, but the facilities where she had her bariatric surgery - Hospital de la Mujer, or The Women's Hospital, and their up-to-date, clean and comfortable facility offering caring and compassionate staff.

DW has also had success, through not only surgical procedure, but also his lifestyle changes. "Dr. Maytorena, I am doing great,"DW writes. "You did a great job. On July 4, 2010, I weighed 330 pounds. I now weigh 227 pounds.  I'm still losing a couple of pounds a week."

DW has made personal changes as well. He rides his bike 50 miles a week and lifts weights. He eats healthy, has cut processed food from his diet and eats six small meals a day.  DW has more energy and has enjoyed cutting down on his clothing sizes, and even was able to go down one shoe size. "Thanks for everything," he concludes. "You saved my life."

Finding the Best of the Best

Dr. Maytorena is well-known and bariatric surgeon in bariatric and weight-loss circles in northwestern Mexico and Baja California, respected for his skill and expertise. He specializes in providing gastric sleeve and other bariatric procedures for individuals who are over 100 pounds or more over their ideal weight or who have a BMI of 40 or greater.

PlacidWay, a medical provider based in Denver, Colorado, understands that co-morbidity factors and risks associated with diabetes cause additional medical problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease. Partnering with expert and skilled surgeons such as Dr. Maytorena offer individuals around the world affordable bariatric surgical procedures. Such procedures not only benefit their health, but can also save their lives.

"My experience with
Dr. Maytorena was wonderful and I am very grateful to him for helping me change my life," says Heather. "He is always there to answer any questions I have and checks on me and my progress weekly. He cares a lot about his patients and their well-being. I would definitely recommend him and his staff to anyone wanting gastric sleeve surgery."

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