Adult Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy

EJ was beside herself trying to find a beneficial treatment for her young daughter G., diagnosed with autism. More specifically, G. was diagnosed with PDD/NOS, an autism spectrum disorder.

EJ had spent a year educating herself regarding autism and current potential treatments and methods for children diagnosed with the condition. She came across information regarding stem cell research and delved into the world of stem cell technology offered by clinics around the world. She read research papers and spoke to many parents with disabled children, as well as those who had taken their children to stem cell clinics and facilities around the globe.

When her daughter turned five, EJ felt she had enough information to make an informed and educated decision for treatment for her daughter. She chose ProgenCell, a well-known stem cell clinic located in Mexico. She called the staff there and was pleased that they were not only knowledgeable, but also extremely helpful, compassionate and concerned about her worries. Staff answered EJ's questions right then and there.

EJ and her daughter flew across the country from their native Tennessee and landed at the San Diego airport, just across the border from Tijuana, Mexico. There, a driver sent by ProgenCell took them across the Mexican border and helped them get situated in a nearby hotel. After they checked in, the ProgenCell driver took them to the clinic and introduced them to doctors and staff at the facility.

"ProgenCell’s doctors took their time in answering all my questions," says EJ. She was extremely pleased at the attitude and behavior of the staff.  After all, there is nothing quite so worrisome as trying to find help for a child. Immediately, she felt the relief of knowing that someone else was helping to shoulder the concerns, burdens and unknowns regarding her daughter's diagnosis and future care.


Stem Cell Treatments for Autism Prove Beneficial for EJ

The day after their arrival in Mexico, EJ watched her daughter undergo her procedure.  Everything happened exactly as the doctors described it would. After the procedure, they returned to the hotel and then left for home the following day.

However, it was while they are waiting at the airport for their return home back east that EJ noticed something.  "At the airport, I had bought an activity book for my daughter," remarks EJ.  "While on the plane, she took my finger and pointed to and read the words of all the colors on the page! She then matched the words of the colors to the colors of a picture of a rainbow on the same page! I didn't even know my daughter could say the names of colors, or even read them, for that matter!"

Stunned, EJ continued to see steady improvement in her daughter's habits and behaviors.  They returned home on a Thursday. By Saturday night, her daughter was sleeping through the night, another miracle as far as her mother was concerned. Before, her daughter had been a chronic insomniac.

EJ glows with pride, tears and gratitude today.  "My daughter is in a special CDC kindergarten class at her school. Before stem cell therapy, she could barely do her preschool level work. She is now doing many things on a kindergarten skill level." EJ beams. "My daughter is also a little whiz on the computer, when before, she could not even maneuver a mouse."

EJ and her daughter have returned to ProgenCell for two additional stem cell treatments.  They've been extremely happy with the results. Does stem cell therapy reverse or cure autism? No. It doesn't claim to. However, stem cell therapy has helped ease the symptoms of autism for EJ's daughter.

"At this point in time, I truly believe that stem cell therapy by the doctors at ProgenCell is the best treatment available for autism for my daughter."

You can't get a much better testimonial than one from the mother who is ecstatic about the changes she sees in her daughter's condition. For more information about stem cell therapy for autism, visit, an international medical resource and provider for international stem cell therapies.


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