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Why Use Your Own Cells To Treat a Disease

If you think you are putting diseased cells back into your body it is completely false.

When an organism suffers from a disease, the organism is only affected by some of its functions and only some tissues are ill from that disease or suffer damage. Diseases do not modify the genetic code or DNA of the cell. In genetic diseases where the damage occurs in a gene level, this damage only shows up in the function of the damaged gene, for example, “Gout” is a genetic-based alteration, this only causes problem at the purine (proteins) metabolism, but the rest of the body has no change at all and is far from a disruption to the cellular level.

Our body uses the immune system to protect us and heal us of different diseases, the immune system is formed by white blood cells and proteins. Stem cells are undifferentiated white blood monocytes with the ability to repair and transform into different tissues with the intention of healing, repair and regenerate tissues damaged by different reasons. When there is disease and particularly a case of chronic degenerative disease, these cells are not altered in any way in their behavior and they are responsible along with other factors to ensure that the disease is cured by self-repair, that is the nature of the cells and these cells exist for this purpose.

It is for these reason that the premise of “by applying autologous treatments you are being applied diseased cells” is completely false and anyone who says this, just show ignorance or bad faith. In any case, the real thinking process should be, applying treatments with cells or tissue NOT from the same patient: could cause an immune rejection and a serious reaction, furthermore it can also transmit to the recipient, other possible diseases coming from the donor”. Cells or tissue from others could be really scary.


ProgenCell uses only autologus bone marrow rich on stem cells to perform their therapies. Is the safe way to treat patients.