Dr. Med. Dinko Toncic | Cosmetic Surgeon | Zargeb, Croatia

Dr. Med. Dinko Toncic Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon Zagreb, Croatia

About - Dr. Med. Dinko Toncic

Dr Dinko Toncic begun his career as a surgeon in 2000 by practicing medicine in a number of renowned Croatian hospitals and working as an otorhinolaryngology specialist and head and neck plastic surgeon in Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Dr Toncic for the past 10 years, alongside his father and mentor, Dr Rajko Toncic.

He continues his education on numerous congresses and symposiums throughout Europe and the USA in the field of cosmetic surgery, with an emphasis on nose corrections and facial surgery. Over the years he has been a guest lecturer on many of the abovementioned. Keeping up with the latest trends in cosmetic surgery, he regularly partakes in various training courses for non-surgical aesthetic and injection treatments, becoming the most sought out doctor in the field of rejuvenation procedures, filler application and other non-surgical procedures in Croatia.

Being fluent in English, German and Italian, Dr Dinko meets every individual need of his patients, always having in mind their health and safety as a priority.  




Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb

2000 - 2006

An otorhinolaryngology resident doctor and head and neck resident surgeon on some of the most famous clinics in Zagreb - Clinic for ear, nose and throat in University clinic ‘Sisters of Mercy’ and in the University Hospital for tumors.


Specialized otorhinolaryngology and the pertaining part of plastic surgery at the University clinic ‘Sisters of Mercy’ and in the University Hospital for tumors


Starts working alongside his father, Dr Rajko Toncic at his private cosmetic surgery practice


Opens new cosmetic surgery clinic with father Dr. Rajko Toncic


GMC registered in the UK (General Medical Council)

Member of Croatian medical council

Member of and Otorhinolaryngology professional society as a part of Croatian Medical Association

  • 10 years of private medical practice
  • over 2000 satisfied patients
  • over 3000 successful surgeries and treatments

Education - Dr. Med. Dinko Toncic

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb. Specialist examination completed in 2006.

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