Dr. Tommaso Lupattelli | Interventional Radiologist | Rome, Italy

Dr. Tommaso Lupattelli Interventional Radiologist Rome, Italy

About - Dr. Tommaso Lupattelli

Dr. Tommaso Lupattelli has the greatest experience in Italy on uterine fibroid embolization (around 1050 procedures) and PTA in patient with CCSVI or Chronic Cerebro-Spinal Venous Insufficiency and multiple sclerosis (about 2000 interventions).

He has also performed over 4000 interventions in diabetic foot/ lower limb revascularization as first operator.

Moreover he has expertise on:

- Supraaortic vessels PTA and stenting
- Endovascular treatment of thoracic aortic disease (EVAR)
- Selective arterial embolization for the control of gastrointestinal or traumatic bleeding
- Embolization of arterio-venous malformation, venous malformation and aneurysm
- Liver embolization
- Upper extremity revascularization
- Renal artery stenting/ embolization
- Leg arterial thrombolysis
- Treatment of AV dialysis fistula
- Vena Cava Filter placement and retrieval
- Vena cava PTA and stenting
- Varicocele and ovary vein embolization
- T.I.P.S.S
- Transjugular liver biopsy
- Central Line
- Chest Port
- Foreign body retrieval
- Closure device placements for arterial hemostasis
- Biliary interventions
- TC guided lumbar sympathetic blocks
- Revascularisation of lower limbs, carotid arteries and renal arteries.
- Aneurysm embolisation.
- Minimally-invasive treatment for uterine fibroids through embolisation.
- Male and female varicocele embolisation 

Education - Dr. Tommaso Lupattelli

Graduated in CCSVI diagnosis and treatment at University of Ferrara in 2011.

Membership - Dr. Tommaso Lupattelli

Director of Interventional Radiology Unit- Istituto Clinico Cardiologico, GVM Sanità, Rome, Italy

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