Dr. Saverio Luzzi, Neurology, Florence, Italy

Dr. Saverio Luzzi Neurologist Florence, Italy

About - Dr. Saverio Luzzi


  • In 1987 he was the author of the following chapters of ‘The Manual of Medicine’, published by P. Gentilini: ‘Anxiolytics, sedatives and hypnotics. Central anorectic stimulents. Opioids and antagonists’.
  • Since 1987 he is the referee of international newspapers such as Clinical Pharmacology Research and Pharmacological Research Communications.
  • Since 1988 he does the research at the Neurological Clinic II of the University of Florence dealing specifically with eye movements in athletes, Parkinson's disease and its relation to nuclear magnetic resonance. He presents the results of such research in numerous national and international conferences.
  • In 1992 he published the text Headaches at Alberti Publishers.

Professional experience

  • In 1999 and 2000, he was the Adjunct Professor in the course of Medicine Clinic lessons for students of the Nurse Degree Programme at the University of Siena.
  • Since 2000, he deals with Assessment of Neurological and Psychic damage and is the author of numerous articles on this subject, as well as a chapter of the ‘The Test and Quantum’ book.
  • He is currently a Specialist Neurologist of the National Institute of Social Security, the National Institute for Occupational Accidents and the Nursing Home Villa Donatello Florence.

Education - Dr. Saverio Luzzi

1979: graduated in Medicine and Surgery with full marks and honors, discussing a thesis entitled Pharmacological effects of some N-acyl and N-sulfonyl derivatives of taurine and homotaurine. 1981 - 1987: fellowship at the Institute of Pharmacology of the University of Florence for the improvement in the technical Physio-Pharmacological and Toxicological fields. During this period he did a basic research in the field of neuropharmacology, acquiring a wide experience of the laboratory techniques and presenting the results in a number of international conferences and journal publications. 1983: specializes in Neurology at the University of Florence with full marks and honors. 1986: specializes in Neurophysiology at the University of Florence with full marks and honors.

Membership - Dr. Saverio Luzzi

  • American Academy of Neurology
  • Royal Society of Medicine

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