The Best Essential Tremor Treatment at Centre Medic Aloma in Barcelona, Spain

The Best Essential Tremor Treatment in Barcelona, Spain

Essential Tremor (ET) is a nerve disorder that causes uncontrollable shaking of affected body parts like head, arms, hand, chin, tongue or the voice box. If you or anyone close to you is suffering from ET, it is essential to know that it is not a life-threatening disorder unless it prevents the affected person to take care of himself/herself. It can cause disability only when the tremors become severe.

How to Identify the Signs of Essential Tremor

•    It usually starts on one side of the body

•    First, it occurs in the hands usually

•    Worsen with movement

•    Can affect one or both hands

•    The head’s motion can be like “no-no” or “yes-yes”

•    May be triggered by caffeine, fatigue, stress and extreme temperature

Complications during Severe Tremors

•    Difficulty in eating normally

•    Difficulty to button up shirts

•    Holding a glass of water without spilling

•    Difficulty in shaving or putting makeup

•    Difficulty to write

•    Difficulty to talk

How ET can be Diagnosed

Patient’s medical history, family history, and symptoms are reviewed. In addition, the experts suggest certain tests to diagnose the condition. However, the best clinics always thoroughly check if the patient is a good candidate to qualify for the treatment. This helps in efficient treatment that generates positive results.

Where to Get Treated for ET?

Centre Medic Alomar (CMDA), in Barcelona, Spain is the best place to treat ET. The center is among the few locations in Europe where ET is efficiently treated as an outpatient procedure using “state of the art” equipment like 3Tesla MRI General Electric and InsightechFusNeuro.

ET Treatment at Centre Medic Aloma in Barcelona, Spain

Before flying to Barcelona, the patient is required to send a short video with the ‘status’. This information is reviewed by the team of physicians, neurologist, and neurosurgeon to determine the possibilities of positive results for the candidate. Only when the team feels that the candidate is good, he/she is asked to travel to Barcelona where a final test is conducted. This final test checks the skull bone density for the ultrasound wave transmission, which helps in deciding the effectiveness of the treatment.

Once the test determines the patient has high chances of obtaining positive results, he/she is scheduled for the procedure on the same day in their center. After performing the treatment, as a preventive measure, the patient is transferred to a nearby hospital to spend a night under observation. The neurosurgeon checks the condition the next morning and discharges the patient if everything is okay, which usually is.

So, ET treatment at Centre Medic Alomar is a fast process after which the patient can go back to the hotel or/and enjoy exploring beautiful Barcelona.


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