Dr.Fawaz Al Majali | Dentist | Sharjah | UAE

Dr.Fawaz Al Majali Dentist Sharjah, UAE

About - Dr.Fawaz Al Majali

Dealing with Dental/Oral Maxillo-Facial Surgeries under Local & General Anesthesia Including: Dental Implant; Removal of Impacted Wisdom Teeth; Extirpation of Benign Tumors and Oral Cavity Cysts; Close/Open Reduction and Fixation of FacioMaxillary Bone Fractures; Intra/Extra Oral Drainage of Infected Abscess; Post-Operative Reconstruction with Bone or Allograft Grafts , Treatment of Tempro Mandibular Joint  TM-J Diseases and Laser Surgery.

Education - Dr.Fawaz Al Majali

Dr. Fawaz has around 30 years of experience in Oral & MaxilloFacial Surgery<br>After his graduation from Tehran University, he joined Ministry of Health  Sharjah as a Dental GP On October 1980.<br>He was a Fellowship Resident  Doctorate Degree Program DMD in Maxillofacial Cranial Surgery Department of Zurich University Hospital School of Medicine  Switzerland.<br>He also worked as a Specialist Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon  OMFS and Doctor In Charge of dental Department at Al Qasimi Hospital AQH  SHJ, and Full Time Lecturer in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Department at School of Dentistry University of Science & Technology (J.U.S.T)  Irbid (Jordan).<br>He earned his Fellowship in Oral MaxilloFacial Surgery FFDRCSI Dublin-Ireland.<br>In Dubai, Dr. Fawaz has been working with some of the highly reputed Dental Centers like Jumeira Dental Center & Al Baraha Hospital (MOH-DXB), AZH and IMH-Dubai & DHCC etc.

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