Dr. Marina Joseph | Psychiatrist | Sharjah | UAE

Dr. Marina Joseph Psychiatrist Sharjah, UAE

About - Dr. Marina Joseph

Her area of interest is psychotherapy and counseling for anxiety disorders such as social anxiety, health anxiety, phobia and obsessive compulsive disorder.
Relationship difficulties such as marital conflict and communication problems, personality disorders, stammering (psychogenic).

Education - Dr. Marina Joseph

Dr. Marina Joseph has done post graduation and Master of Philosophy in Psychology and PhD in family therapy among adolescents and adults for behavioral and personality disorders.
She is a certified psychologist with British Psychological Society. She has more than twelve years experience, and has worked as clinical psychologist with many leading hospitals in India.
Dr. Marina is experienced in conducting diagnostic assessment using psychometric testing, personality tests, and scales, regarding intellectual level, cognitive, emotional, social and behavioral functioning or problems they may be having in adjusting to life.
She provides therapy for adolescents and children Behavioural disorders (eg, non compliance, oppositional behaviour, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, temper tantrums, social isolation and withdrawal and social anxiety)
Different types of testing including IQ, aptitude test and assessment of autism spectrum disorders, mental retardation and learning disabilities including ADHD.

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