Dr. Fathahudeen Abdul Rasheed | Pulmonologist | Sharjah | UAE

Dr. Fathahudeen Abdul Rasheed Pulmonologist Sharjah, UAE

About - Dr. Fathahudeen Abdul Rasheed

Comprehensive care for Asthma and Respiratory Allergies among children and adults.
Sleep Medicine for Sleep Apnea patients including Sleep Study, Sleep Titration and Management by Nasal C-PAP.
Expertise in Fibrotic Bronchoscopy and Bronchoscopic Biopsies-both therapeutic and Diagnostic and interventional bronchoscopic procedures including TBNA
Medical Thoracoscopy
Management of all acute and chronic Respiratory disorders, Dust pollen and Food Allergy tests, pulmonary Rehabilitation and Intensive Respiratory Care.
Comprehensive approach to help people quit smoking in a stepwise manner to achieve Tobacco de-addiction

Education - Dr. Fathahudeen Abdul Rasheed

l College  Trivandrum.<br>Later promoted as the Asst. Professor, Associate professor and subsequently promoted as a Professor and Head of the Pulmonary Medicine Department at Govt. T.D. Medical College  Aleppy (Kerala),India<br>He has been trained in Sleep Medicine from Sydney (Australia) and has had a hands on training on Flexi -rigid Medical Thoracoscopy from Marceille,France .Before joining Zulekha Healthcare Group, Dr. Fathahudeen worked in Al Qassimi Hospital  Sharjah as a Specialist Pulmonologist.

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