Op. Dr. Onur Kesler, Bariatric Surgeon - Tekirdag/Istanbul, Turkey

Ataturk Road 118, Cerkezkoy District, Tekirdag Province 59500 Turkey Tekirdag/Istanbul, Turkey
Associated Center: Optimed International Hospital
Speciality: Bariatric Surgeon,
Languages: English
Degree: General Surgery Specialist
Focus Area: Op. Dr. Onur Kesler | General Surgeon | Reflux and Tumor Operations | Obesity surgery

About - Op. Dr. Onur Kesler

Onur KEsler Obesity Surgeon

Biogrpahy of Dr. Onur Kesler

Dr. Onur Kesler was born in Istanbul in 1978. After completing  his pre-graduate studies, Medical education in Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine in 2003 and received the title of medical doctor.

In the same year, He started the General Surgery residency in Istanbul Şişli Etfal Training and Research Hospital. During  His specialty training, which continued until 2009. He completed his compulsory service at Kahramanmaraş Yenişehir State Hospital. He established the Endoscopy unit during his service period and contributed to the endoscopy training of many of his colleagues.

He was particularly interested in Laparoscopic Surgery, both during his specialty training and during his entire period as a Surgeon Specialist. After working in advanced laparoscopic surgery fields such as reflux and tumor operations for a long time, He received training on obesity surgery at Istanbul Medical Faculty. Over the past time, He have performed hundreds of revision (correction) surgeries with thousands of patients, as well as obesity surgeries such as Sleeve Gastrectomy, Roux En Y Gastric By-Pass, Mini Gastric By-Pass. He is now working with Optimed International Hospital.

General Information

First Name-Surname: Onur KESLER
Date of Birth: 1978
Place of Birth: İstanbul / Turkey

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Graduated From Faculty of Medicine / Graduated Year:

• 1997 – 2003 Istanbul University Istanbul Medicine Faculty

Academic Title: Genel Surgery Specialist

Languages: Turkish, English

Missions After Graduation:

  • 2003- Started his General Surgery specialization at Sisli Etfal Training and Research Hospital
  • During his specialty education which continued until 2009, he received training from Prof. Dr. Mehmet Mihmanlı. Also during the same period, he had the chance to work with Prof. Dr. Halil Coskun who is one of the pioneers of the obesity surgery which newly started to enter Turkey.
  • He has completed his compulsory service at Kahramanmaras Yenisehir State Hospital. During his tenure, he established the Endoscopy unit and contributed to the endoscopy training of many colleagues.
  • He was particularly interested in Laparoscopic Surgery throughout his career, both as a specialist training and as a General Surgery specialist.
  • After working in advanced laparoscopic surgery areas such as reflux and tumor operations for a long time, he received training on obesity surgery at Istanbul Medical Faculty.
  • He performed hundreds of revision(correction) surgeries as well as obesity surgeries such as Sleeve Gastrectomy, Roux En Y Gastric By-Pass, Mini Gastric By-Pass.
  • For the last 2 years, he has been working on a new obesity surgery called “Combined Surgery” which is modified obesity surgery. He is preparing to share this technique which has achieved very good results according to the first data with his colleagues.

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Optimed International Hospital in Turkey - Treatment PricesPricesEnquire
Duodenal Switch Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey$5000Enquire
Gastric Bypass in Istanbul, Turkey$5000Enquire
Gastric Balloon in Istanbul, Turkey$2500Enquire
Sleeve Gastrectomy in Istanbul, Turkey$3800Enquire
Laparoscopic Hiatal Hernia Repair Procedure in Istanbul, Turkey$2500Enquire
Breast Augmentation in Istanbul, Turkey$2500Enquire
Breast Lift in Istanbul, Turkey$2000Enquire
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Optimed International Hospital reviews

  • Mustafa

    Very caring staff and thank you very much.

    Google Sep 27 2022
  • Selçuk

    This is patient satisfaction

    Google Oct 06 2022
  • Senguler

    We are very pleased with our doctor Hakan Sunal, your 5th floor nurses, your secretary, your cleaning staff. We wish everyone continued success. Best regards.

    Google Oct 27 2022
  • Nebiye

    I would like to thank my teacher Hakan Sunal and his team, floor nurses and hospital nurses, God bless you, I am glad to have you.

    Google Nov 24 2022
  • Murat

    It is the only health institution that I have been treated and left without getting angry. Bravooo

    Google Nov 30 2022
  • Nuh

    After the previous application, I got a call from the patient rights unit of the optimed hospital and the lady g**** took care of me by asking about the situation. He informed me that the situation was wrong and that the second payment would be returned to me. As I mentioned in my previous comment, there is never a problem with doctors or employees, only the application was wrong and in this case it was corrected. Thank you.

    On October 15, 2022, we entered the emergency room around 22:00 in the evening for the treatment of my son. I have nothing to say to the doctor. Thankfully, they were interested and we paid 519 TL for the account. As a result of the treatment, the doctor informed us that there was no need for any medication. However, the next day, on October 16, 2022, when our son reported the same ailments again, we went to the emergency room again because it was Sunday. We were examined. My medication was prescribed. Afterwards, at the exit, we were asked for an examination fee of 280 TL again. When I said that the fee should not be charged again in this way before it was 24 hours, they said that if we had applied to the polyclinic, it would not be charged, but that it should be taken from the emergency room. The working staff, who did not know that there was no polyclinic on Sunday, talked to their superior officer and ensured that 240 TL was taken from us. Thank you very much for your interest. I would not do business with any hospital that turns the health sector into a commercial sector.

    Google Nov 20 2022

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