Dr. Jesus Raul Arjona Alcocer, Orthopedic surgeon, Sports medicine specialist - Cancun, Mexico

Av. Tulum, MZ.01, Lote 01 SM.12, Esquina Nizuc. Cancún, Q.R. 77505. Cancun, Mexico
Speciality: Orthopedic surgeon, Sports medicine specialist,
Languages: English,Spanish
Degree: An orthopedics and joint traumatology specialist.
Focus Area: Dr. Jesus Raul Arjona Alcocer | Cancun | Mexico | Orthopedics and Joint Traumatology Orthopedic SurgeonSpecialist

About - Dr. Jesus Raul Arjona Alcocer

Dr. Jesús Raúl Arjona Alcocer

Dr. Jesús Raúl Arjona Alcocer is an orthopedics and joint traumatology specialist certified by the CMOT. A.C., the highest authority in Mexico for training specialists. He has performed over 3,000 procedures. Also, Dr. Alcocer is certified by the Mexican Council of Orthopedics and Traumatology A.C., the highest authority in Mexico, to keep specialists trained to do their job well.

Dr. Jesus is an active member of ISAKOS, the International Society for Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery, and Sports Medicine. Also a member of AMECRA, an organization that promotes the development and constant updating of joint surgeons and arthroscopists. In addition, he is an active member of FEMECOT, the federation that encourages the development of Traumatology and Orthopedics in Mexico.

As part of his vocation and service to the community, Dr. Jesús Alcocer has served as a specialist for local teams in Quintana Roo. Dr. Alcocer is trained to help treat any problem of the musculoskeletal system, especially joint conditions in the hip, knee, ankle, and shoulder.

He works at his private clinic Orthopaedics Art in Cancun, Mexico.

Why should I choose Dr. Jesús Alcocer for Orthopedic Surgery?

  • Dr, Jesus has a High Specialty in Joint Reconstructive Surgery and Arthroscopy.
  • He has more than 3,000 procedures performed.
  • Minimally invasive surgery specialist.
  • Treated more than 17,000 patients.
  • I have a mention in the Union's Government Military site.
  • Sports Medicine specialist.

How can I book a consultation with Dr. Jesus for Orthopedic Surgery in Cancun, Mexico?

Contact the clinic or our Customer Care team to arrange a free video consultation with reputable Dr. Jesús Raúl Arjona Alcocer in Cancun, Mexico. He will provide detailed information on preparing before orthopedic surgery and what to expect.



  • Bachelor of Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the UAdY


  • Orthopedics at the General Hospital of Sonora, endorsed by UNAM
  • Postgraduate in Articular Reconstructive Surgery and Arthroscopy, at the Hospital de Ortopedia de Mérida, endorsed by the UAdY.


  • Mexican Council of Orthopedics and Traumatology A.C.


  • Diploma in Joint Reconstructive Surgery at the UAdY

Private Consultation:

  • Galenia Hospital
  • Azura Hospital

Sports Medical:

  • Doctor of the Quintana Roo Hockey Association
  • Doctor of the Quintana Roo Rugby team
  • Doctor of the Yalmakan FC team of the third division of Mexico
  • Doctor of Quintana Roo Panteras Baseball team

Experience in numbers:

  • 6+ years of experience
  • 17,000+ patients attended
  • 3,000+ procedures performed


  • Channel 10 of Cancun



  • College of Traumatologists of Quintana Roo
  • Medical Tourism Association
  • Mexican Society of Hip Surgery


Orthopaedics Art by Dr. Jesus Raul Arjona Alcocer reviews

  • User Profile Image

    Allan W

    Excellent experience. Dr. Arjona went far beyond the initial prognosis to repair a much more complicated surgery than planned. As I was waiting for the elevator, a former patient saw me and said he’s great and I would have to agree 110%

    Orthopaedics Art by Dr. Jesus Raul Arjona Alcocer Feb 01 2023
  • User Profile Image

    Sven B

    I – as a German coming from a very good health system – my demands on health and especially my concerns about surgery abroad have been very high. With a fracture in 2 fingers, one of which had to be fixed by splint, I was faced with the decision of where to have the surgery. Since the cost was covered by my insurance, my motivation was not the cheaper price in Mexico. I was previously x-rayed in Texas Austin in the Emergency Room and was thus allowed to directly experience the American health care system. In America they could not give me an operation date within a week, so I had to look for alternatives and luckily I met Dr Raul in Cancun. I am very happy with this decision. The competence and advice were outstanding from the beginning. As a non-medical doctor, I sent all his recommendation and even picture and video of my surgery to surgeon friends from Germany. All of them assured me that I would not have received a better surgery even in Germany. The service is also absolutely overwhelming. I have never experienced a Dr. who responds within minutes to messages or pictures with questions via WhatsApp. All materials (splint for the fracture from Stryker) are first-class brand products, which according to international standards also allow a follow-up treatment in Germany without any problems. Also the billing was absolutely smooth and included all important details for my German insurance. Compared to America, better in every respect and absolutely recommendable.

    Orthopaedics Art by Dr. Jesus Raul Arjona Alcocer Feb 03 2023
  • User Profile Image

    Jamie N

    Dr. Arjona is an AMAZING surgeon!!!!. I had been in pain for 2 months from a slip and fall. I tore my R ACL and tore my Lisfranc ligament in my R foot. I contacted several doctors in Mexico and Dr. Arjona’s responses were quick and to the point. I had done my own research on the repair techniques that were needed for my injuries as I don’t have medical insurance. I contacted a local American doctor in my area and was quoted an astronomical amount. I went online and contacted 3 doctors in Mexico. Dr. Arjona’s quick email, Whats App, and phone responses lead me to have faith in choosing him to perform surgery. His knowledge of my injuries was amazing. I knew immediately when i woke up from surgery that my foot was already better. I did not have the aching constant pain I had been living with anymore. I was able to walk with a boot and no crutches in and even get out and see a bit of Cancun. The medical system in Mexico is much more catering an personal to the patients than in America. For individuals who don’t have medical insurance this a wonderful option. I was able to make a vacation out of the trip to Cancun. I highly recommend Dr. Arjona and his staff. I know 100% I made the right decision in choosing Dr. Arjona!!!

    Orthopaedics Art by Dr. Jesus Raul Arjona Alcocer Oct 20 2022
  • User Profile Image

    Sabrina C

    Thanks you doc! you are the best!! I’m 42 years old and I was born with hip dysplasia, because of that I suffered from osteoarthritis in my right hip. The first pains manifested 10 years ago. All my life I have done physical exercise and in the last year my quality of life was reduced by 90%. The pain was unbearable and I could barely walk with a cane; My femur had moved up and out, causing a disparity in my legs of almost 2 cm. My whole body used to hurt. When the pain overcame the fear I decided to have surgery, somebody recommended me to doctor Raul Arjona. From the first talk I fully trusted him. (By the way, I’m Uruguayan living in Mexico) On June 9 I had the total right hip replacement surgery and when I woke up from anesthesia the pain had disappeared, 24 hours later I was already taking the stairs up (step by step slowly) to get home.
    Within a week I was already driving and doing physical therapy, and in less than 1 month I was starting to train again at the gym. Today I’m still working on my march, but no one can realize what happened. My scar is 9 cm long and you can barely see it. The doctor gave me my life back and I can never finish thanking him for it. He is not only an excellent professional, he is also a beautiful human being. Thanks doc!

    Orthopaedics Art by Dr. Jesus Raul Arjona Alcocer Jan 10 2023
  • User Profile Image

    Oscar C

    He is an incredible doctor, he has a personal treatment, he explains the problem very well, he has given me an exact diagnosis, very grateful to him for the results; Definitely one of the best in the place. I totally recommend it.

    Orthopaedics Art by Dr. Jesus Raul Arjona Alcocer Jan 29 2023
  • User Profile Image

    Jesus A

    I am very happy and satisfied with the knee surgery performed on my son, thank you very much, excellent care, treatment and above all professionalism!

    Orthopaedics Art by Dr. Jesus Raul Arjona Alcocer Dec 13 2022

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