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Prof. Massimo Bellomi MD Radiology, Radiotherapy and Hepatology Specialist Milan, Italy

About - Prof. Massimo Bellomi MD


Professional Experience

  • From 1980 he received several research grants for studies on liver and gastrointestinal pathologies: 

    • at   the  University  Hospital  of  Pennsylvania  (1980),  Thomas  Jefferson

    • University of Philadelphia (1980), and at University of Lund, Sweden (1983).

  • From 1981 was lecturer of Radiology at the School of Medicine of the University of Milan.

  • From 1977 to  1994 he was first registrar (1977-1981), then in staff as Assistant (1982- 1994) at the Radiology Department of Radiology of Istituto Nazionale Tumori in Milan, were he trained in Gastrointestinal and Interventional Radiology with Prof. Aldo Severini.

  • He   was   part   of   the   team   which   introduced   Percutaneous   Biliary   Drainage   and Gastrointestinal Interventional Radiology in  Italy and developed a number of techniques for interventional and diagnostic radiology. He also designed  software for archiving of radiologic examinations and for image processing and analysis.

  • From 1980 to 1998 he was in staff as Assistant Professor at the Institute of Radiology, School of Medicine, University of Milan.

  • In 1984, 1988 and 1991 he was appointed director of Operative Units and research projects in Oncology of the National Research Council.

  • In 1994 Prof. Bellomi became Director of the Department of Radiology of the European  Institute of Oncology, Milan.

  • In 1998  he  became  Associate  Professor  of  Radiology  of  the  School  of  Medicine, University of Milan.

  • From 2000 to 2003 he was a member of the Ministry of Health Commission for studies in “Diagnostic Imaging”.

  • In the years 2000-2003 and 2009-2012 Prof. Bellomi was Director of postgraduated School of Radiology of the School of Medicine, University of Milan.

  • In 2012 he was appointed as President of the School in Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques, University of Milan.

  •  In 2013 became Director of postgraduated School of Radiotherapy. He  holds   a   chair  in Radiology  in  a  number  of  degrees  and postgraduated courses.


He contributes and co-operates with the following journals:

- European Radiology, member of the Editorial Board and official reviewer 1996-2003.

- Cancer Imaging , member of the Editorial Board since 2000, Editor since 2013.

- La Radiologia Medica, member of the Reviewers’ Committee since 2001, and of the Editorial Board, section Abdominal Imaging since 2006.

- Trends in Medicine, member of the Advisory Board since 2001


Prof. Bellomi is principal investigators in a numbers of clinical trials. He is author of 215 scientific publications; 23 of them are book chapters.


Education - Prof. Massimo Bellomi MD

1975 - Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Milan
1976 - Postgraduate Diploma in Hepatology
1980 - Second Postgraduate Diploma in Radiology and Radiotherapy.

Membership - Prof. Massimo Bellomi MD

Director of the Department of Radiology of the European  Institute of Oncology, Milan


  • SIRM, Italian Society of Radiology, also member of its subcommittee of  “Gastrointestinal and abdominal radiology”;
  • ICIS, International Cancer Imaging Society: Founding member, Membership  Committee member (1998-2002) and President (2003-2004).
  • ESR, European Society of Radiology (former ECR, European Congress of Radiology)
  • ESGAR, European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology: Fellow and member of the directive council (1993-2000).
  • CIRSE,  Cardiovascular  and  Interventional  Radiologic  Society  of  Europe:  member
  • ESTI, European Society of Thoracic Imaging.

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