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Specialty: Cancer Treatment
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Istituto Europeo di Oncologia IEO Profile Overview

Welcome to Istituto Europeo di Oncologia (IEO) in Milan, Italy

Welcome to Istituto Europeo di Oncologia (IEO)

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The IEO - Istituto Europeo di Oncologia (European Institute of Oncology) established in 1994, is one of the world's most prestigious oncological hospitals and the fastest-growing comprehensive cancer center in Europe. In 1996 it became the Istituto di Ricovero e Cura a Carattere Scientifico (Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Health Care).

The IEO is one of the world’s leading hospitals in Breast Cancer treatment and has played a major role in developing innovative techniques adopted as international standards: Immediate Breast Reconstruction, Sentinel Node Biopsy, Radioguided Occult Lesion Localization, Lumpectomy, Intra-Operative Radiotherapy, Nipple Sparing, and One-Day Surgery.

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The IEO is a private non-profit Research and University Hospital, focusing on:

  • Basic, translational and clinic research
  • Training and education
  • Clinical Activities

The IEO aims to achieve excellence in the field of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer through the development of clinical scientific research and innovation in the organization and management area. IEO offers constant attention to the quality of services it provides to patients from all over the world.

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Successful Cancer Surgery in Italy

  • Innovation in technology and organization, for a New “people centered” Medicine.
  • Operates according to the Best International Practices as certified by the Accreditation granted since 2002 by the Joint Commission International.
  • The medical team follows the new principle of the “minimum effective dose instead of the maximum tolerable treatment”, which has shown great benefits for the patients' quality of life.
  • Assists more than 110.000 outpatients every year, and about 18.000 inpatients.
  • Continuous improvement of the quality of medical care.
  • Multidisciplinary approach to clinical aspects.
  • Development of human resources.
  • Openness to international collaboration.
  • Development of research with rapid transfer to patients.

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Cancer Treatments and Procedures Europe

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IEO Distinctiveness and Areas of Excellence:

ARC - Advanced Radiotherapy Centre
The IEO Advanced Radiotherapy Centre, is among the top 10 centers in the world for cancer treatment, research and technology.

Breast Cancer Surgery
IEO is continuously researching new surgical techniques to improve the efficiency of breast cancer treatments and to increase the success rates of breast cancer surgery,  while preserving the integrity of the woman’s body. IEO is the leading centre for all the important achievements in the field of breast surgery, with the highest number of breast surgeries per year in the world.

Gynecology Tumors
The Division of Gynecologic Oncology is internationally recognized as one of the best in EU. Technical excellence is the goal of the Gynecologic Oncology Program. Up to date treatments and access to innovative surgical, chemotherapy and radiotherapy trials is the innovation key of the Gynecology Program. The patient centrality is mainly related to the multidisciplinary approach, thus offering individualized and shared treatment.

Lung Program
Main targets of the Program are developing of a complete way for diagnosis and treatment of thoracic neoplasms, maximizing interactions between clinical and research programs, providing the patients with a personalized clinical care offered by committed staff, implementing research on lung cancer by close cooperations with international scientific societies as IASLC, ESMO, AIOM and AIOT.

Urology Cancer
IEO uses the Multiparametric MRI of the Prostate, offering high resolution and precision in detecting cellular and vascular lesions during the diagnosis. Every year at the IEO more than 1.500 patients are hospitalized and this number is continuously increasing. The focus of the Urology Program is on the mini-invasive techniques in order to maximize the surgery efficacy and the patient quality of life. The Division of Urology stands out for the robotic surgery of the kidney and the prostate.

Head and Neck Cancer
Head and Neck Division has different areas of excellence related to surgical intervention like the conservative thyroid surgery (hemi-thyroidectomy in early stage thyroid cancers); MIVAT; USDAS; the Endoscopic treatment of parathyroid tumors with USDAS technique; the Transoral Laser Co2 Microsurgery (TLM) for early – intermediate laryngeal cancer; the Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS) for supraglottic cancers, oropharyngeal cancer, and for parapharyngeal masses; the Compartmental surgery in advanced tongue cancers; the Lymphatic mapping for tongue cancer and the Microsurgery in Head & Neck reconstruction (also in total glossectomy when indicated).

IEO has the JC Accreditation and is one of the few hospital not only in Italy but also in Europe able to offer a complete assistance for the patients who need a transplantation.

Radiotherapy Center Italy

Neuroendocrine tumors (NET)
• A dedicated multidisciplinary team exists for more than 15 years. IEO has been one of the pioneers for PRRT (peptide receptor radionuclide therapy) with 90Y-Dotatoc and 177Lu-Dotatate worldwide. Several interventional radiology procedures are available, mainly liver-directed, including:

  • TACE (trans-arterial chemo-embolization)
  • TAE (trans-arterial embolization)
  • TARF (thermo-ablation with radio-frequency)
  • DEB-TACE (drug eluted bean-TACE)
  • Radioembolization with 90Y
  • HIFU (high intensity focal ultrasound)

Our medical oncology actively participates in the main international clinical trials with novel drugs and biological studies are ongoing to identify predictive biomarkers. In January 2015 we will be receive the certification visit for 2015 ENETS (European Neuroendocrine Tumor Society) center of excellence.

Gastro-Intestinal and Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Tumors
• Gastro-Intestinal Tumors: IEO is internationally renowned not only for its large case volume in the treatment of gastric and colorectal tumors, but also for the excellent clinical outcomes. One of the most important strong point deals with the mini-invasive surgical approach: more than 70% of patients affected by colorectal cancer are treated with mini-invasive procedures. Robotic surgery is usually applied for colorectal pathologies giving benefits to the patients.
• Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Tumors: IEO represents one of the cancer centre with the highest experience in the hepatobiliary and pancreatic tumors treatment. Thanks to the multidisciplinary approach IEO is able to offer the best treatment solutions tailored on the patient with the aim to obtain the best clinical results. Few institute in Europe are able to use the mini-invasive surgery in the treatment of these pathologies.

Interventional Radiology
• IEO is the most advanced developing Center in using HIFU technology for cancer treatment in the West and has the largest number of HIFU cancer treatments in western countries. HIFU is a cuttingedge, non-invasive technology, developed in China for destroying cancer without scalpels, irradiation or needles. This huge success is the result of the Institute’s investment in the development of Interventional Radiology in Oncology, consistent with its philosophy aimed from the beginning to the development and promotion of new treatments based on the “minimal effective” concept, thus guaranteeing treatment maximum efficacy while protecting the patient’s quality of life.

IEO Check Up
• The IEO Check Up program is unique in Italy. It focuses on prevention and diagnosis of the cancer, being customized by age and sex. Using state-of-the-art technology the IEO Check Up relies on the patient's sex, age and family history, and it includes various clinical care processes, diagnostic procedures and laboratory tests.

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What we offer

IEO offers a comprehensive program for the prevention, determining risk factors, early detection, as well as surgical and medical treatment with the latest technology available.

  • Medical consultations and Diagnostic exams
  • Day Hospital treatments 
  • Day Surgery procedures
  • In-patient medical treatments and surgical procedures
  • Radiotherapy 

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Other clinical service on the patient's request:

  • Speech therapy for rehabilitation after cervico-facial surgery
  • Clinical dietary regime and nutrition
  • Physiotherapy for rehabilitation after surgery
  • Oral care before head and neck surgery and Radiotherapy
  • Individual psychological support and group support for patients and his/her family (psychotherapy, couple counseling, sexual counseling, for patients and couple, psycho-educational groups, supportive and relaxation groups).

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IEO has adopted an innovative organizational approach based on Multisciplinary Programs. The programs represent a homogeneous clinical area defined per pathology.
In every Program all the necessary clinical figures are integrated: physicians, clinical scientists, translational scientists, and researchers.

The most important aims of the Programs are:

• Defining the complete clinical paths including prevention, diagnosis, surgical and medical treatments
• Guaranteeing the best medical practices
• Offering the best experimental treatments

The IEO’s Programs are:

  • Breast Program
  • Lung Program
  • Gynecology Program
  • Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic and Digestive Program
  • Urology and Minimally Invasive Treatment of Prostate Program

Innovative Therapies Cancer Specialists in Italy Europe

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The Departments

  • Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
  • Department of Imaging and Radiological Sciences
  • Department of Experimental Oncology

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Other Areas Clinics

  • Head and Neck Cancers
  • Melanomas and Sarcomas
  • Hematologic cancers
  • Development of New Drugs for Innovative Therapies
  • Chemoprevention
  • Psycho-Oncology
  • Palliative Care and Pain Therapy

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  • Building care pathways for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up tailored for each patient
  • Ensure best practice in the diagnosis and treatment available
  • Provide each patient with the most advanced experimental treatments
  • Promote the development of clinical research / translational and innovation in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment
  • Strengthen the educational activities and relationships with the University

Breast Cancer Surgery in Italy

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IEO aims to help all its patients have a cancer-free life. For more information about IEO and its innovative cancer treatments and procedures, click the button below!

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