Dental Implants in Izmir Turkey - Your Affordable Oral Health

Dental Implants in Izmir Turkey - Your Affordable Oral Health

Why Should I Go to Izmir for Dental Implants?

Do you need quality and low-cost replacement of missing teeth? Dental Implants in Izmir Turkey can be just what you need. You'll save over 70 % by choosing Izmir for effective and safe teeth implants.

In this guide, you'll find the clinic and dentist, and explore Izmir as a destination for a relaxing vacation. Read more to find out.

ZYGOMATIC Dental Implants Package in Izmir Turkey

Our hot package deal for Zygoma Dental implants in Izmir cost $12,752 and includes 2 Zygoma Implants, 2 Nobel Implants (Swiss Brand) + Fixed Hybrid Acrylic Bridge (Per Jaw) as well as these services for international patients

  • One-Night Stay at the Hospital for Observation Medication,
  • Medical Consultation,
  • Hotel Accommodation with Breakfast, Pool, Spa, Gym for Both Visits (1 Week for Each Visit),
  • Transfers Between Airport-Clinic-Hotel,
  • Translation Services during Treatment (German, English, Turkish, Ukrainian, French, Russian, Arabic),
  • Tour to Ephesus and the House of Virgin Mary.

Find more in the following link and don't hesitate to contact us for further guidance.


ZYGOMA Dental Implants Package in Izmir, Turkey

West Dental Clinic Turkey provides ZYGOMA Implants Package in Izmir that cost $ 12,752 or 12,000 �


How Much Dental Implants in Izmir Cost?

Do you delay the visit to the dentist due to the high costs of dental work in your country? This should no longer be a problem as clinics in Izmir offer affordable dental implants with an average price of $540. The same procedure cost over $3,500 in the US, while over $2,500 in Germany and the UK.

Dental implants in Izmir are up to 75% cheaper than in these countries.

The following table shows prices between Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States compared to Izmir.

Dental Implants Centers Cost Comparison in Izmir, Turkey

Provider Procedure Price
Dr. Nevsin Sener Dental Treatment Clinic Dental Implants, Dentistry $538
Dental Implants Cost Comparison in Turkey
Country Procedure Price
Germany Dental Implants, Dentistry $2750
United States Dental Implants, Dentistry $3500
United Kingdom Dental Implants, Dentistry $2500

Best Dental Clinics in Izmir Turkey for Implants

Ready to meet top clinics for dental care in Izmir? Check the profiles of our recommended clinics below to see what they provide.

Clinics in Izmir offer the following benefits to their patients:

  • Affordable dental work prices
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • The latest technology
  • Experienced medical team
  • Communication in English

Top Center

Dentaglobal Dental Clinic

Dentaglobal is a dental clinic located in Izmir, Turkey. The offer multi-disciplinary dental services to patients from all over the world, and their procedures include: dental crowns, dental implants, dental veneers, bridgework, root canal treatment, and many more.

Top Center

Bestify Group

Bestify Group is a company providing various cosmetic treatments in Turkey. It specializes mostly in hair transplants, plastic surgery and dentistry. As Bestify Group, we guarantee you an experienced team of professional and personal medical consultants that will assist you 24/7, even upon return to your home country.

Top Center

Dent Nova Dental Clinic

Dent Nova Dental Clinic provides best Dental Clinics in Izmir, Turkey. Book online now Dental Implant, Dental Veneer, and Dental Crown at Dent Nova.

Top Center

WestDent Clinic Turkey

WestDent Clinic is one of the best dental clinics in Turkey, located in Izmir and provides comprehensive dental services using modern equipment to patients worldwide.

Dental Implants in Izmir Reviews

  • User Profile Image


    I am absolutely delighted with my teeth. The experience was really good from start to finish. Dentaglobals professionalism was second to none. Highly recommend them

    Patient was treated by Dentaglobal Dental Clinic Dec 16, 2021
  • User Profile Image


    Emma and mert deserve the most recognotion they have been diamonds from start to finish

    Patient was treated by Bestify Group Dec 01, 2021
  • User Profile Image

    Monica W

    From the UK: I had 18 crowns fitted and a cross bite fixed, and I am very happy with the results! Thank you to Dr. Melisa and the Dent Nova team for your expertise, the superb support and care you provide and for going the extra mile for your patients.

    Patient was treated by Dent Nova Dental Clinic Dec 13, 2021
  • User Profile Image


    Okay so I came from Australia to do my teeth here in Izmir and I was a bit nervous first but as soon as I came here I was made to feel comfortable and I was relaxed and from start to finish everything was great and I would recommend this to everybody. Um this place is definitely everyone should come and do their teeth.

    Patient was treated by WestDent Clinic Turkey Nov 09, 2022
  • User Profile Image


    Great experience from start to finish. Amazing results. Could not be happier.

    Patient was treated by Dentaglobal Dental Clinic Dec 24, 2021
  • User Profile Image


    Vey happy with dentalglobal,great service very friendly and helpful and very happy with my teeth I would highly recommend them

    Patient was treated by Dentaglobal Dental Clinic Dec 08, 2021

Find the Answers about Cost of Tooth Implants in Izmir

If you want to know more about teeth implants cost in Izmir, this is the right place to learn. We have researched information that may be helpful to you as a foreign patient coming to Izmir for the first time for dental work.

How Much Would I pay for Dental Implants in Izmir, Turkey?

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Dental Implants Cost in Izmir, Turkey If you need Dental Implants than Izmir, Turkey is an option that you might want to consider. Prices for Dental Implants start at $538, but the final cost depends on The complexity of the procedure, The clinic and doctor that you choose, The materials and equipment needed The duration of the treatment. Country Procedure Price Izmir, Turkey Dental Implants $538 Germany Dental Implants $2750 United States Dental Implants $3500 United Kingdom Dental Implants $2500   There are many dental clinics in Izmir, Turkey that offer Dental Implants packages for international patients, which include Transportation from the airport to the hotel and clinic, Translators (if needed), Consultation, Second opinion diagnostic, Case manager assistance. Dental Implants will help you restore your oral health, teeth function and smile. Now you have no reason to postpone your dental treatment. With the affordable Dentistry prices in Izmir, Turkey and the expertise of the dentists, you will have your teeth fixed in no time, without spending a fortune. Turkey is renowned for its dental tourism. Many medical tourists actually go for major dental work because of the cost advantages, so it’s common to see patients having multiple crowns, implants and other dental cosmetic procedures. Thanks to modern technology some procedures which were done several days before, can now be performed in just one day. You will go home with a brand new smile and restored confidence. To make sure that you choose the best dentist in Izmir, Turkey, you will have to know exactly what to look for. Here are several questions that will help you make the best choice Are you certified in performing Dental Implants? Are you a member of any Dentistry association or society? How many years of experience do you have performing Dental Implants? How often have you performed this procedure? How many years of experience do you have performing Dentistry? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Dental Implants? What about the risks and complications? What if something goes wrong during Dental Implants procedure? What if I am not happy with Dental Implants results? What happens if I arrive in my home country and I realize that something is not right with the Dentistry? Find out more about the best dentists in Izmir, Turkey! Contact us and choose the best dental specialist!

Best Dentist in Izmir Turkey for Implants

Want to feel happy with the final results of dental implants? Dentists in Izmir will help you achieve the desired smile and dental health. They specialize in Implantology and have extensive work experience.

We can arrange a consultation with your dentists via video call. Contact us for more information.

Dt. Susana Akdas

Dr. Susana Akdas is a highly qualified and experienced dentist who has dedicated her life to the f...


Dt. Fatih Karadayi is a highly experienced and talented dentist practicing in Izmir, Turkey at the...

Dt. Tugce Bigis

Dentist Tugce Bigis is a highly skilled professional practicing at the WestDent Private Oral and D...

Dt. Emine Tugce Atesh

Dt. Emite Tugce Atesh is a highly respected and well-known dentist in Izmir, Turkey. She has been ...

Visit Izmir for Teeth Implants & Also Explore Modern & Old Culture of Izmir!

Izmir is a mix of old and new cultures that are influenced by Europe and Asia. The city has numerous attractions for every tourist's taste such as historic sites, local restaurants, and gorgeous architecture.

While in Izmir for a dental implant procedure, make sure to visit the following places:

Ruins of the temple in Agora

Ruins of temple in Agora Izmir Turkey

Walk the streets of beautiful Izmir

Izmir Turkey

The administrative center of Konak


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