Abdominal Etching in Mexico

Abdominal Etching in Mexico

Why Choose Six-Pack Liposuction in Mexico?

Dreaming of six-pack abs? But you feel overwhelmed by spending money and endless hours at the gym. With Abdominal Etching in Mexico you can achieve a natural six-pack appearance and save over 40% of the money.

Thousands of American and Canadian patients visit Mexican clinics for cost-effective liposculpture and soothing vacation. Want to know your options? We invite you to read our guide where you'll find the following information in more detail:

Clinic: Family Hospital - Hospital de la Familia

Doctor: Dr. Alejandro Eduardo Paredes Vallejo

Procedure: Abdominal Etching

Package Price: Between $3,300 and $7,700

Cost in Mexico: $4,000 approx.

Cost in North America: From $7,600

Top Tourist Attractions: Playa Delfines, Chichen Itza, Tulum, and more.

All-Inclusive Six-Pack Abs Packages in Mexico

PlacidWay team took care that you receive world-class treatment in Mexican clinics at the price you can afford. Therefore, we offer some all-inclusive packages for six-pack surgery in Mexico ranging from $3,300 to $7,700, depending on the inclusions.

You will be not only privileged to enjoy modern facilities but also a fantastic holiday in Mexico before the procedure. See our packages below for more details.

Best Abdominal Etching Package in Cancun, Mexico

Are you searching for Abdominal Etching package abroad? Get the best and most affordable Abdominal E


Abdominal Etching in Mexicali Mexico by Dr. Alejandro Paredes

Top plastic surgeon in Mexico Dr. Alejandro Paredes offer an all-inclusive Abdominal etching package


Abdominal Etching in Tijuana by CIPLASTIC

Achieve the desired six-pack abs with lipoetching surgery without having to empty your pockets on


Abdominal Etching in Tijuana by Gastelum

Achieve the desired six-pack abs with lipoetching surgery without having to empty your pockets on


Liposculpture in Tijuana by Lifot

Achieve the desired six-pack abs with liposculpture surgery without emptying your pockets on endle


Cost of Abdominal Etching in Mexico

The average price of Abdominal Etching in Mexico is $4,000, depending on the clinic, your specific case, doctor credentials, and your general health. However, Mexico is between 30% and 50% more practical option for Americans and Canadians. 

The cost of lipoetching in North America is above $7,600. The surgery clubbed with the trip to Mexico will cost you less than having the surgery in America. See our cost comparison table below to know the prices.

Abdominal Etching Cost Comparison in Mexico
Country Procedure Price
Mexico Abdominal Etching, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $4000
United States Abdominal Etching, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $8100
Canada Abdominal Etching, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $7600

Cosmetic Surgery Centers in Mexico for Abdominal Etching

In addition to a wide range of tourism options, Mexico is a popular destination for various cosmetic procedures. The country boasts reputable clinics, professional plastic surgeons, and numerous tourist attractions.

Patients from North America love visiting Mexico for affordable and quality cosmetic procedures and proximity. Here are the top 6 medical centers in Mexico where you can get liposculpture:

Top Center

Family Hospital | Hospital de la Familia

Family Hospital is a 35-All Private Rooms Boutique Hospital where you can experience affordable cosmetic surgery, bariatric surgery, and orthopedics surgery in Mexico.

Top Center

Dr. Alejandro Paredes Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Alejandro Paredes is the best Plastic Surgeon in Mexicali, Mexico. Book online now Breast Implant, Liposuction, and Tummy Tuck at Dr. Alejandro Paredes.

Top Center

Dr. Ernesto Javier Acosta Abeyta

Dr. Ernesto Javier Acosta Abeyta provides best Plastic Surgery in Merida, Mexico. Book online now Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation, and Liposuction at Dr. Ernesto Javier Acosta Abeyta.

Top Center

Gastelum Cosmetic Surgery

Gastelum Cosmetic Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico presents the best solution through Dr. Oscar Leal Gastelum, Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, to help you create the body and face you desire.

Top Center

Lifot Cosmetic Surgery

Lifot provides best Plastic Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. Book online now Liposuction, Mommy Makeover, and Liposuction at Lifot.

Top Center

Gilenis Surgical Center

Gilenis Surgical Center is the Best Hospital in Tijuana Mexico providing Dental Treatment, Regenerative Therapy and Plastic Surgery for worldwide patients.

Watch Video about Liposculpture Package in Mexico

We will help you choose the suitable packages for your needs by providing comprehensive information in our video below.

Patient Reviews for Plastic Surgery in Mexico

  • User Profile Image

    Sylvia Lopez

    I had a wonderful experience with placid way every one were very helpful The hospital is a private hospital in mexicali and very clean i really enjoyed my stay there .I highly recomend Hospital de La Famila.. Thank u to everyone .

    Patient was treated by Family Hospital | Hospital de la Familia May 27, 2013
  • User Profile Image

    Lisa Farenik

    My experience with Dr Paredes in Mexicali was very positive for my liposuction procedure. My initial consultation went very well and he fully and carefully explained the procedure and answered my questions. The aftercare with his team after hours was as good as anywhere I've been in an American Hospital. Everything went as expected and I couldn't be happier with my results. Would highly recommend Dr Paredes for Cosmetic Surgery in Mexicali !

    Patient was treated by Dr. Alejandro Paredes Plastic Surgeon Jan 04, 2017
  • User Profile Image


    Dr. Acosta has been very attentive and available to all my questions during this planning process.

    Patient was treated by Dr. Ernesto Javier Acosta Abeyta Mar 26, 2021
  • User Profile Image

    Diane Brown

    Dr. Gastelum called me and we spoke at length about my desired procedures and outcome. He was very informative and patient. He made a follow up call to answer additional questions regarding post op care. His wife Marie and I began communicating and arranging the procedure within days. I made the trip down, had a 4 day stay and am recovering extremely well. I highly recommend The Molding Clinic Cosmetics by Dr. Gastelum!

    Patient was treated by Gastelum Cosmetic Surgery Oct 01, 2021
  • User Profile Image

    Violeta Leon

    Excellent doctors!!

    Patient was treated by Lifot Cosmetic Surgery Feb 09, 2022
  • User Profile Image

    Alberto Valenzuela

    Very good prices for surgeries and hospitalization.

    Patient was treated by Gilenis Surgical Center Jul 19, 2022

Price Question About Abdominal Etching in Mexicali

If you want to know more about the cost of Abdominal Etching surgery in Mexicali, one of Mexico's most popular medical tourism cities, check out the following answer.

How much will I pay for Abdominal Etching in Mexicali, Mexico?

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For Abdominal Etching in Mexicali, Mexico you would pay around $3900. Each clinic in Mexicali, Mexico offers its international patients Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery packages which include many other services besides the procedure: airport transportation, translator, accommodation, case manager assistance, etc. Having Abdominal Etching in Mexicali, Mexico will give you the image you have always wanted. You can find highly trained Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery surgeons for Abdominal Etching in Mexicali, Mexico with years of experience in this field using the latest medical equipment to get the best results. For each patient they will develop a personalized Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery treatment plan to reach the patient's expectations and needs. By choosing Abdominal Etching in Mexicali, Mexico you will benefit from the highest medical care and enjoy a well-deserved holiday in this beautiful country. To be able to find the best Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery surgeon in Mexicali, Mexico you will have to know exactly what you want and what questions to ask. How long should I be staying for Abdominal Etching recovery? Are you certified doctor to perform Abdominal Etching? Are you a member of any Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery association or society? How many years of experience do you have performing Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery? How often have you performed Abdominal Etching? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Abdominal Etching in your clinic? What about the risks and complications? What if I am not happy with the Abdominal Etching results performed in your clinic? What should I expect after the Abdominal Etching surgery? What if something goes wrong during Abdominal Etching procedure? How do you support aftercare. Choose Mexico and you will take advantage of irresistible Abdominal Etching packages and personalized healthcare. Mexicali, Mexico is renowned for its modern Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery clinics and experienced plastic surgeons. Some of the best specialists in the world will offer you highly successful Abdominal Etching with a short recovery period thanks to the modern equipment used. Below you can find some of the best plastic surgeons in Mexicali, Mexico that offer most affordable price for Abdominal Etching.Abdominal Etching at Global Medical Tourism Mexicali (Mexicali): from $3900 Find out more about the best Abdominal Etching surgeons in Mexicali, Mexico! Contact us and choose the best Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery surgeon!

Experienced Plastic Surgeons in Mexico for Ab Etching

You want to have perfect six-pack abs but are unsure if the doctor is qualified to perform the surgery. We can guarantee that Mexican plastic surgeons are highly skilled and have international certificates, which provides them credibility in performing various plastic surgeries.

Also, their former patient reviews, testimonials, and stories prove that you too will have an effective and safe procedure. Here are profiles of the best cosmetic surgeons in Mexico:

Dr. Alejandro Eduardo Paredes Vallejo

Dr. Alejandro Paredes Vallejo is a highly prestigious plastic surgeon in Mexicali, Mexico, wi...

Dr. Oscar Gastelum

Dr. Oscar Gastelum | Plastic and Bariatric Surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico Dr. Oscar Gastelum provides t...

Dr. Ernesto Javier Acosta Abeyta

  Dr. Ernesto Javier Acosta Abeyta provides the best Plastic Surgery in Merida, Mexico. Book...

Adriana Elizabeth Rayas Gallardo

Dr. Adriana Elizabeth Rayas Gallardo is a highly skilled and dedicated medical professional with a p...

Dr. David Estrada

Dr. David Estrada stands as a distinguished figure in the field of healthcare and medical expertise....

Experience Medical Tourism in Mexico for Ab Etching!

Mexico is among the ten countries in the world that are famous for medical tourism. Thousands of international patients come here for cheap cosmetic surgery and a comforting vacation.

During your stay in Mexico, you can also set a couple of days aside and relax while exploring the country. Here are some of the most popular attractions to visit in Mexico:

Chichen Itza Mexico

Chichen Itza archeological site

IkKil Cenote

IkKil Cenote

White-sand Beach in Cancun

White-sand Beach in Cancun

TRaditional food in Mexico

Try Mexican traditional food

Achieve Six-Pack Abs Today with Abdominal Etching in Mexico!

Six-pack abs can be yours today if you choose Abdominal Etching in Mexico at low-cost!

PlacidWay will help you find the right plastic surgeon and clinic for your aesthetic desires. Contact us for more information!