Rhinoplasty in Croatia

Rhinoplasty in Croatia

Is it a Good Idea to Get Rhinoplasty in Croatia?

Your nose is the focal point of the face, and its appearance can have a profound impact on how the rest of your face is seen. This is true whether your nose is small and understated or huge and domineering. In addition to its popularity as a cosmetic treatment, nose reshaping surgery in Croatia (also called rhinoplasty or a "nose job") serves medical purposes by addressing breathing problems and reducing the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea.

So why should you opt for Nose Surgery in Croatia?

Cosmetic rhinoplasty in Croatia is a popular elective nasal surgery people go for. It can also be chosen to fix birth abnormalities and injuries that result in nasal malformations. Plastic Surgeons in Croatia make sure you are treated well and facilitated with world-class equipment and services.

You need about a week to heal, so why not spend that in a relaxing exotic location like Croatia?


All Inclusive Rhinoplasty Package

Looking forward to becoming more confident with your appearance? Take a trip to the most in-demand Rhinoplasty clinics in Croatia. These clinics provide one-of-a-kind services for nose jobs and other rhinoplasty procedures, while not costing you a kidney! Believe it or not, these procedures can come with a whole package, starting at only $3000!

Best Rhinoplasty at Cheap Price in Zagreb, Croatia

Get rhinoplasty in Zagreb, Croatia to enjoy the best facilities at the top clinics under the supervi


Cost of Nose Job in Croatia

Saving a huge sum of money while being able to achieve the most perfect physical features is a dream. You will be starstruck by the staff's top-notch customer service, expertise in the procedures, and the aid you receive in aftercare that comes inclusive of these cost-effective rates. While your local prices for the same plastic surgery procedures will be soaring with little to no insurance coverage, Rhinoplasty in Croatia beautifies how you look at a low cost, with state-of-the-art equipment, expert plastic surgeons, and adds the cherry on top with a memorable trip to the Croatian beaches!

To give a comparison of the price difference, the same rhinoplasty procedure costing you $7000 avg. in America, would only cost you about $3000 in Croatia. 

Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty Centers Cost Comparison in Croatia

Provider Procedure Price
Dr. Toncic Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $2360
Poliklinika Dr. Dzepina Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $3000
Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty Cost Comparison in Croatia
Country Procedure Price
Croatia Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $3000

Traveling to Nose Surgery Clinics in Croatia for Plastic Surgery

Putting your best face forward is the key to confidence, and what better could it get than a trip to the breathtaking landscape of Croatia, while you also come back as a new YOU!

The world's best plastic surgery clinics in Croatia perform expert-level procedures that only need a week of the recovery period.

Guess where that week could be spent?

  • Exploring the scenic beauty of Croatia.
  • Consider the famous local food,
  • Refreshing ocean blue waters,
  • laying back on the beaches and relaxing
  • Rejuvenation of your facial features and that too-
  • -within a low budget is something you don't see every day!

We couldn't emphasize the level of luxury more!

Top Center

Dr. Toncic Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Dr. Toncic Cosmetic Surgery Clinic- A passionate team of cosmetic surgery experts running their own successful practice for 25 years offering full and mini facelift, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, liposuction, liposculpting, breast augmentation and more.

Top Center

Aesthetic Surgery Dr. Zgaljardic

Located in Zagreb, Croatia, Aesthetic Surgery Clinic Dr. Zgaljardic applies modern minimally invasive surgical cosmetic techniques.

Watch to see more about Nose Restructuring in Croatia

PlacidWay is a medical tourism company that connects you to a plethora of the world's best and most trusted plastic surgeons. We aim to educate our clients about every single step they will experience, with no hidden costs or details. Our educational videos give you a walkthrough of the procedures and inform you about what is included and what can be expected. Check out our latest videos on rhinoplasty in Croatia!

Reviews from Patients of Plastic Surgery in Croatia

Here are some of the many reviews we have received from clients and we're proud to share them with you. If you consider going for affordable rhinoplasty options abroad, hear what PlaicdWay's loyal customers have to say

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    My wife underwent a face lift and upper and lower blepharoplasty (eye lid correction); I underwent upper and lower blepharoplasty. We would, without any hesitation, give the highest recommendation to anyone intending to use the services of Dr Toncic's team and his surgical operating rooms in Zag

    Patient was treated by Dr. Toncic Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Dec 23, 2021
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    Phil Philippe

    Never answered

    Patient was treated by Aesthetic Surgery Dr. Zgaljardic May 05, 2023
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    Long after the rhinoplasty procedure I felt like a great burden had been taken off my shoulders and I felt a positive impulse to continue with my private and business plans.

    Patient was treated by Dr. Toncic Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Dec 05, 2021
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    I was quickly prepared and before I knew it I was waking up in the recovery room. The procedure went well and Dr Toncic and his team did a fantastic job.

    Patient was treated by Dr. Toncic Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Dec 14, 2021
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    During the consultation in his surgery, Dr. Toncic explained the details of the cosmetic surgery procedure and his professional and serious approach to my problem made me chose him to be my cosmetic surgeon.

    Patient was treated by Dr. Toncic Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Dec 09, 2021
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    I recommend Dr. Toncic and am very happy with everything he's done for me below are before and after pictures taken (before) at the airport and a few days after I got back from Croatia.

    Patient was treated by Dr. Toncic Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Dec 21, 2021

Commonly Asked Questions for Rhinoplasty and Nose Job in Croatia

Here is a list of FAQs about Nose Surgery in Croatia. We know that a lot of questions and concerns arise when you are seeking cosmetic or medical treatments, which are invasive procedures, and that too in another country! You do not need to worry as our rhinoplasty in Croatia is reliable, cost-effective, and is surely going to be an experience that becomes the highlight of your life!

How much will I pay for Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty in Zagreb, Croatia?

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For Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty in Zagreb, Croatia you would pay around $3542. Each clinic in Zagreb, Croatia offers its international patients Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery packages which include many other services besides the procedure: airport transportation, translator, accommodation, case manager assistance, etc. Having Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty in Zagreb, Croatia will give you the image you have always wanted. You can find highly trained Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery surgeons for Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty in Zagreb, Croatia with years of experience in this field using the latest medical equipment to get the best results. For each patient they will develop a personalized Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery treatment plan to reach the patient's expectations and needs. By choosing Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty in Zagreb, Croatia you will benefit from the highest medical care and enjoy a well-deserved holiday in this beautiful country. To be able to find the best Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery surgeon in Zagreb, Croatia you will have to know exactly what you want and what questions to ask. How long should I be staying for Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty recovery? Are you certified doctor to perform Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty? Are you a member of any Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery association or society? How many years of experience do you have performing Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery? How often have you performed Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty in your clinic? What about the risks and complications? What if I am not happy with the Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty results performed in your clinic? What should I expect after the Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty surgery? What if something goes wrong during Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty procedure? How do you support aftercare. Choose Croatia and you will take advantage of irresistible Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty packages and personalized healthcare. Zagreb, Croatia is renowned for its modern Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery clinics and experienced plastic surgeons. Some of the best specialists in the world will offer you highly successful Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty with a short recovery period thanks to the modern equipment used. Below you can find some of the best plastic surgeons in Zagreb, Croatia that offer most affordable price for Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty.Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty at Arcadia Clinic - Poliklinika Arcadia (Zagreb): from $2400 Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty at Dr. Toncic Cosmetic Surgery Clinic (Zagreb): from $4685 Find out more about the best Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty surgeons in Zagreb, Croatia! Contact us and choose the best Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery surgeon!

Which are the most reliable Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty clinics in Zagreb, Croatia?

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Here are some of the best choices if you are looking for top Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty clinic in Zagreb, Croatia. All these plastic surgery clinics are accredited and offer safe and highly successful cosmetic procedures for patients from all over the world.When you are unhappy about your physical appearance, you whole life will take a negative turn. You will isolate yourself from your friends, you will avoid getting out and having fun, you will feel depressed and unloved. Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty can solve that, by improving your body and therefore your self-confidence.More and more medical tourists undergo Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty in Zagreb, Croatia, which is known as one of the most sought after plastic surgery destinations. The best clinics in Zagreb have gained their reputation thanks to their high-standards of care, certified, highly trained, and educated teams of plastic surgeons who use cutting-edge technology and the latest treatment methods.To be sure that your choice is the most suitable one, you can ask the Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty clinics several questions. How long have you been performing Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty? How safe is the Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty? What kind of anesthesia will be used on me during Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty? Will I need to stay overnight for Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty?High prices, long waiting lists, or lack of insurance are just some of the reasons people seek plastic surgery abroad. Luckily, these trustworthy cosmetic surgery clinics in Zagreb, Croatia offer top medical services, pocket-friendly prices, and comprehensive care to international patients.Many cosmetic procedures are done for the purposes of physical health, such as nose surgery, breast reduction, tummy tuck or liposuction being only some of them. So besides offering you the body you want, Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty also helps you live a healthy and happier life. No more hiding your body, no more hiding yourself from the rest of the world. Plastic surgery offers a new beginning.Are you looking for more information about Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty clinics in Zagreb, Croatia? Contact us for best options!

Finding Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in Croatia

Croatia is a small, yet enchanting country right across the sea from Italy. Most of the major countries of the world have visa-free entry, while others can get visas online or on arrival. The crystal clear waters, pebbled beaches, ancient structures, and festivities in the country are the greatest thing to experience in your recovery period after the surgery.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in Croatia will assist you in planning the most relaxing trip of your life, taking the burden off your shoulders for all the formalities. Their expert opinions, PlacidWay's safe online communication platforms, and the medical tourism experience combined will truly bring out the best in your treatment and trip. Worth every penny!

Go through the best cosmetic surgeons for plastic surgery in Croatia:

Dr. Rajko Toncic

Dr Rajko Toncic is the chief surgeon at the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Dr Toncic. He has been performin...

Dr. Med. Dinko Toncic

Dr Dinko Toncic begun his career as a surgeon in 2000 by practicing medicine in a number of renowned...

Why Do We Recommend Rhinoplasty in Croatia?

You have read this far and now need to know why is it a good option to go for a Nose Job in Croatia. You can get the chance to experience medical tourism! This means while on the best vacation of your life, you can go for affordable treatment and spend the recovery period on the calming beachside in Croatia. 

Attractions in Croatia to look out for:

  • Gornji Grad

  • Euphrasian Basilica

  • Mljet

  • Diocletian's Palace

  • Pula Arena and many more!

For witnessing the stunning islands that lie off the coast of southern Croatia, Pore, a city in Istria with a 2,000-year history, famous for its Euphrasian Basilica, built in the sixth century, the "Upper Town," or "Gornji Grad", the historic heart of Zagreb, and one of the most beautiful places in all of the Mediterranean, Croatia's Rovinj... this is definitely a trip well spent!

Feel free to schedule an online appointment with PlacidWay for your Rhinoplasty in Croatia!

The rise in travel for medical and cosmetic procedures has soared in the past few years, where without breaking the bank, travelers receive their desired procedures done while on a tour to the world's most exotic locations. PlacidWay is the platform you need for ease in finding the most recommended and certified professionals and staying in touch with them through our communication platform. We ensure all your needs are met, concerns addressed, and facilities provided to make this the best trip of your years to come!

If you seek affordable Rhinoplasty abroad with top-notch medical care, PlacidWay's top location, Croatia should be your next destination! 

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