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Medellin Dental Cluster

State Of The Art Jaw Surgery Package in Medellin Colombia

, Medellin, Colombia

Package Price from: $2300

Treatment :Dentistry

By : Medellin Dental Cluster

Location : Medellin, Colombia

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Package Details

Jaw Surgery Package in Medellin Colombia

Jaw Surgery (Maxilar or Bimaxilar) in Medellin, Colombia

Orthognathic surgical procedure ( corrective jaw surgery ) addresses and corrects irregularities of the face bones, specifically in the maxilla as well as mandible. Commonly, all these face anomalies come preloaded with trouble in chewing, speaking or even sleeping, among other standard procedure activities. Orthognathic surgery corrects these kinds of difficulties, and in addition to orthodontic therapy tremendously enhances the face as well as masticatory function. 

Nowadays, modern developments in orthognathic surgery, for example, titanium plates and screws, offer more effective stability as well as predictability in these solutions. In addition, they greatly reduce healing time period after surgical procedure

How This Procedure Helps?

  • Correcting problems with chewing, speech, and tooth position.
  • Important cosmetic changes.
  • Delays the effects of aging.
  • Improvement in patients with apneas problems and snoring during sleep.


Why Choose Us?

Medellin Health City is the brand of the Colombian well-known city: Medellin, one of the major Latin-American destinations for health in the world of health tourism.

Medellin Health City have specialized professionals in the area of oral rehabilitation or prosthodontics tasked with carrying out these treatments. Their specialized training allows them to offer our patients prosthetic treatments with the most advanced materials that exist on the global market with the best quality possible.

In the field of Dentistry the Medellin Dental Cluster specializes in several different treatments, such as Smile Makeovers, Implants, Veneers, Crowns and Whitening.

Medellin Dental Cluster innovative proposal seeks to add value to the patient, involving quality and patient safety at a lower cost (less than 50% compared with the U.S.) and continues improvement of service.


The ultimate knowledge of the research and the continuous education of these professionals allow the highest quality service.

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