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Real cure of Ulcerative Colitis (UC)

Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease are severe autoimmune diseases in which the pursued traditional anti-inflammatory therapy is symptomatic, and this disorder often causes surgery and patient’s disability. Fetal stem cells possess immunocorrecting properties and are able to stop the pathological reaction against one’s own mucosa of small and large intestines, influencing the pathogenesis (development) of the disease (ulcerative colitis). Fetal cell therapy allows to achieve a stable remission on average within 21 days in cases of nonspecific ulcerative colitis and within 28 days in Crohn’s disease (78% in nonspecific ulcerative colitis and 66.7% in Crohn’s disease). Stable remission lasts for 12-15 months in case of ulcerative colitis and as for patients with Crohn's disease it’s up to 2.5-3 years. The patient’s life quality improves (3-times decrease of defecation frequency per day is noted as well as improved stool consistency, amount of blood reduced by 45-50%, of mucus by 40-50%; elimination of pus in stools, false urgency, abdominal pain), lost working capacity is restored. In 80 percent of cases fetal stem cell therapy allows to avoid surgery and subsequent disability.
At UNIQUE CELL TREATMENT CLINIC we have developed schemes of suspensions containing fetal stem cells in treating patients with ulcerative colitis. Our method has shown phenomenal performance in cases of acute and chronic forms of non-specific inflammatory bowel disorder of all degrees of severity, including severe.
When Do You Need This Treatment ?
Indications for treatment of fetal stem cells in ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease:
1. Advanced disease, not amenable to conservative therapy for two weeks;
2. The presence of extra intestinal complications;
3. Inability to perform surgery due to severe condition of a patient as a result of anemia, hypoproteinemia, profound metabolic disturbances, presence of comorbidities;
4. Cachexia (wasting);
5. Correction of anemic syndrome in ulcerative colitis.
Criteria for quality of life and clinical cure rate of nonspecific ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease are presented in the table.
Why Choose Us?
Professor Alexander Smikodub Sr. is a recognized world leader in developing of methods of stem cell treatment. We have achieved outstanding positive results in treatment of such conditions as aging, functional disorders of internal organs, impotence, menopause, infertility, chronic fatigue syndrome.
Effects of the treatment with fetal stem cells in many diseases and conditions are far beyond the capacity of all other modern methods of treatment.
Stem cell therapy is very effective for restoration of various organs and tissues, for fighting against incurable and inveterate diseases.

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