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Exclusive IVF Fertility Treatment in Moscow, Russia

IVF Treatment Overview

In Vitro Fertilization, more often known as IVF, is usually a more complex process than artificial insemination. In this particular process, eggs as well as sperm are accumulated outside of the body. As soon as the eggs and sperm are put collectively and begin to develop into an embryo or embryos in a lab atmosphere, they can be then inserted into the uterus of a female receiver. Currently being a costly and incredibly intricate process, merely a small numbers of infertile partners are able to reap the benefits of this extensive and occasionally quite challenging method. 

Benefits of IVF

In Vitro fertilization is an alternative for any couple which has been unsuccessful with other techniques. Embryos which are not utilized can also be iced and utilized later on, which could reduce costs if the initial effort does not result in a pregnancy.

Cost, Inclusions and Exclusions

At Nova Clinic (Moscow, Russia) The IVF treatment package’s cost starts from $3,205 and includes:

Legal assistance:

  • elaboration and conclusion of the agreement on medical services between the clinic and the patient
  • elaboration of the application for IVF program in accordance with the Order No. 107n

Medical expenses for 1 IVF including 1 embryo transfer (medicines are not included):

  • superovulation stimulation 
  • endometriumpremedication 
  • follicle development monitoring 
  • egg retrieval
  • anesthetizationfor egg retrieval
  • embryological stage
  • embryo transfer into uterus
  • hCG test
  • fetal egg detection  with  ultrasound
  • fetal heart beat detection with  ultrasound

Visa support letter for the Russian Consulate to get tourist visas (if needed)

Hotel reservation, organization of transfers, and other travel-related services during the patient’s stay in Russia

Interpreter services during the patient’s visit to the clinic.

The cost excludes: 

  • Examination and treatment of the patients
  • All the necessary medicines for superovulation stimulation and premedication of the patients

  • Cryoconservation and preservation of embryos and sperm of the patient’s spouse

  • ICSI

  • PGD

The program provides the following guarantees:

  • the cost of all the services under the program remains constant from the beginning to the end of the program

  • all the payments shall be made to the settlement account or through a cash register of the clinic.

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